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Here's a very nice menu mod by Twofingers, themed to the -F|H- clan. It's got a cool custom background picture and some good music from the band "Creed" to go with it, but I think what's really useful is the collection of added items. This includes a mods menu (similar to regular CoD and CoDUO), three links for quickly connecting to the -F|H- servers from the main menu if you like playing there, and toggles for FPS and the lagometer in the "Multiplayer Options" menu. The list of features is presented to you below, but since I pretty much summed it up, cut to the chase, check out the screenies, and download this menu mod now. ;)

  1. Changed the overall look of the main menu
  2. Added background music from "Creed"
  3. Added a mods menu
  4. Added three quick connect links to the -F|H- servers on the main menu
  5. Added a password link to the main menu for private -F|H- slots or servers
  6. Added a frames-per-second and lagometer toggle to the Multiplayer Options




Call of Duty 2 Menu Modification by: Twofingers http://www.fhgaming.com

This is a very simple mod that was just created for our community. Everyone is welcome to use it if they want. There are not many addons, but here they are:

1. Changed the overall look of the main menu.

2. Added some background music. There were so many choices, so I just picked one from our mp3 player. The lyrics seem to fit in with the overall concept.

3. Added a menu to allow you to choose a mod to start the game with. This is usefull if you want to run a server off of your pc, or just see what you have download from other servers.

4. Added 3 quick connect links to the -F|H- servers on the main menu. Just click and connect.

5. Added a password link to the main menu. This is usefull for connecting to one of our servers if you have the private slot password or private server password. 

6. Added an FPS and Lagometer toggle to the multiplayer options.

Please visit our website if you have any questions or idea's.

Please Don't steal this and claim it as your own. If you would like to use this as a template for your own projects, please be respectful and contact us. We don't mind if people like stuff that we do and want to use it, just give us some credit for our work. 

Install Instructions:
1. Extract Zzz_FH_MenuMod_v1_svr_.iwd to your "C:\program files\activision\call of duty 2\main" folder.

2. Start up your game and you should see the changes. Enjoy!

This mod may not be compatible with any other mods you have that change the look of the main menu. If you have any problems after installing this mod, just delete it and come let us know so we can help you fix the problem.

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