Ferry's Final Scopes



At my request and those of many other users, Ferry has produced an all-blur pack of his recently released scope set for Call of Duty 2. These 3D models rendered into images really take the cake for CoD2 scopes (and CoDUO scopes, for that matter). I think the added Gaussian blur effect really makes the work complete, and just in time I suppose, too, as Ferry has expressed interest in moving onto other games, if just for a short time. I'd say he's earned that break after producing these beauties. ;) Thank you, Ferry! Everyone, check out the screenshots below, and download Ferry's Final Scopes now! :thumbsup:




----FERRY'S FINAL SCOPES(v3.0):Blur FX Version-----

-Following the suggestions of the staff member 
 xXezekielXx, I added blur in each scope. The result is
 more realistic than the last time.
 Besides I maked some minor changes on the german scope.

enjoy the update!


-Removed the old german scope and replaced by the russian 
 model with diferent color tones(more darker).Also I added the proper german 
 markings on the scope's glass.(SPR type)

-Added blur fx on the american and british scope.

skin by Ferry

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