Ferry's High-Res Grossdeutschland Skins



Here's an amazing set of high-res skins by Ferry for the CoD2 Germans. This makes them into the famous Grossdeutschland unit with their beautifully designed uniforms and emblems. The level of detail on these skins is nothing short of stunning, and Ferry has even included new bump maps to really bring out the best of what's here. They're quite historically accurate as well, so all you history buffs should be pleased, to say the least! :) Just read the list of changes below, check out the screenshots, and download this awesome pack of skins today! :thumbsup:

  • All-new color adjustment
  • Added Gefreiter sleeve with new bump map and brightness tweak
  • Detailed helmet decals
  • Helmet scratches
  • New cuff title with bump map and brightness
  • Removed the German gold cross
  • Made breast eagle more visible


----------Ferry's grossdeutschland high-res skins v.2--------------

Well,finally I finished the GD skins in High.res.It has been an authentic 
pleasure work with the dds file of Rapsodia.This files allows you detail and work 
a lot the smaller details.Simply play with this skins and watch the new helmet bumpmaps
and the entire skin,in my opinion looks very authentic.


-Color adjustment for the entire skin
-Added a gefreiter arm seleeve with bump map and brightness
-Helmet decals more detailed than the original dds file of Rapsodia
-Scratches on the helmet
-New cuff title with bump map and brightness
-Supressed the german cross in gold of the original GD skin,only 
 there are the most common and normal awards like the iron cross ribbon.
-Breast eagle more visible.

you want more?

Besides of the GD skin, Wicopp has introduced a new model with a heer splinter camo
helmet.Also the diferent types of helmets randomizes with the different types of privates.

A cool mini skin mod,no?

Enjoy guys.

Reskinned by Ferry
Original DDS file by Rapsodia
Scripts by Wicopp

[email protected]

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