Ferry's Panzergrenadiers



Here is the first of the two "Final Series" skins from Ferry. These skins for the Panzer grenadiers add so much detail that it just looks amazing. He has added helmet detail, dirt spots on pants, and so much more. He claims to be releasing a Hi Res pack soon so be on the look out if you enjoy this skin! ;)




---------FERRY'S WAFFEN SS PANZERGRENADIERS final version--------

----------------"FINAL SERIES" ,MODEL 01----------------------------

Personal notes: before start the technical explanation about this MODIFICATION,
                forgive me for release another german skin, but there's
                one reason. During this summer I have been playing 
                Brothers in Arms: Earned in blood, and I learned a lot of
                thingslike new texture techniques.Playing BIA:EIB I based my attention especially on the
                german uniforms because are very well maded except
                a few things like little documentation mistakes.I will release
                3 more german skins including the panzergrenadiers skin, a new
                german infantry skin and finally the luftwaffe skin.I called this
                "FINAL SERIES", because this will be my last german skins and 
                possibily my last skins for COD2.

                well guys, this skins are very special because this work it has been maded 
                with a lot of dedication and love, you will find textures more detailed,
                colors that are not constant (like the real life),historical accuracy and
                a lot of detail.I think that the "FINAL SERIES" skins is my best work for
                COD 2.
                The new panzer grenadiers and the new german infantry looks more realistic
                than ever.If you are tired of the waffen ss or the heer troops, you have another choice,
                the luftwaffe soldiers, personally I love this ones. 

                In the fuure I will release my last file for CODFILES: a tutorial that explains 
                a few steps, and artistic basic/advanced concepts that are very important for develop a good skin.

                "Taste" the "FINAL SERIES" and enjoy, you can't pass up this skins, REALLY!!!

-Reworked again the color adjustment
-Matched the colors between the smock and the helmet
-New texture and camo pattern for the helmet, maded more realistic.
-Realistic shadding on the helmet
-Removed the grain of the original tunic in the specular map, now you
 will see the smock cammo pattern with better definition.
-Added more dirt
-Reworked the seam detail and placed better on the camo helmet cover
-Added SS insignia on the great coat( bump map and brightness)

watch out!!! This skins has been maded in HIGH RES!!!

skin by Ferry

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