Fire Nades

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Here's another awesome and original new mod by Bernholdt for today, this time modifying the smoke grenades in CoD2's multi-player game. It turns all the nations' smoke grenades into "fire nades" -- grenades that emit deadly flames in a small radius. For fans of incendiary grenades in games like Soldier of Fortune, this should definitely wet your whistle, as these work in much the same way with this mod. Check out the screenshots below to see a few frames of the fiery explosions, and download this nice new mod today! :D



Call of Duty 2

Fire NAdes	

Author : B (BeRnHoLdT)

Filenames : zzz_b_fire_nades

email: [email protected]

Descrption : Turned the Smoke grenadenade for all countries into a "firegrenade" made it a little more deadly than the fraggrenade. 

Installation: Unzip THE IWD FILE to your \Activision\Call of Duty 2\main folder

Uninstall:Delete the file from your "main" folder.

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