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Here's an update to Green Beret's Weapon Realism Mod, which is one of my favorites in the way of CoD2 realism mods. :) I like it because...


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Here's an update to Green Beret's Weapon Realism Mod, which is one of my favorites in the way of CoD2 realism mods. :) I like it because it doesn't change a bunch of based-on-opinion things—most of this stuff is pretty logical. For example, it makes sense that the bolt-action rifles wouldn't have partial reloading, and that one-shot kills apply to the appropriate regions. Anyway, check out the summarized list of features below, see the ReadMe for details, and grab this CoD2 single-player realism mod today! :D

  • One-shot kills for head, helmet, neck, and upper torso
  • Cookable Russian and German grenades (5 seconds)
  • Slightly increased weapons zoom when aiming down the sights
  • Realistic ammo loadout
  • No partial reloading for bolt-action rifles and Webley revolver
  • Increased weapon sway (like CoD4)
  • New weapon centering system
  • Modified weapon rates of fire
  • Harder to aim down the sights depending on your weapon weight-xXezekielXx

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Download '' (89KB)

Green Beret's Weapon Realism Mod v2


There are 2 iwd files in this zip file:

 ZZZSPWEAPS.iwd - my weapon modification

 ZZZXHAIR.iwd - a new crosshair

Copy them into your "main" folder in your CoD 2 folder.


One shot in the head, helmet, neck, upper torso kills immediately.

German and Russian grenades cookable, they explode after 5 seconds, but American and British nades aren't, they explode after throwing them.

Weapons zoom when aiming down the sight slightly increased.

Realistic ammo loadout: smg's carry 6, PPSh 3, Garand and bolt-action rifles 12, SVT-40, M1 Carbine and G43 8, pistols 2 clips. Panzerschreck max ammo is 4 rockets.

Removed partial reloading on bolt-action rifles and Webley.

Added more sway to weapons (CoD 4 style).

New weapon centering.

ROF: MG42 - 1200 RPM
     PPSh - 900 RPM
     Thompson, PPS42, - 700 RPM
     BAR - 650 RPM
     Sten, Bren, MP40, MP44 - 500 RPM
     Greasegun - 450 RPM
     M1 Carbine - 130 RPM
     M1 Garand - 125 RPM
     Colt .45, TT30 - 115 RPM
     Luger, Webley, G43, SVT-40 - 90 RPM

Harder to aim if you aim down your sights it depends on the weapon's weight. You're more accurate when crouching and even more when proning.

I think that's all.

Sorry if my English is bad

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