Grossdeutschland Panzer Officer



formed.The Corps was made up primarily of two Divisions - Grodeutschland and the Brandenburg Division, which had a lineage which was strongly linked to the Grodeutschland.By March 1945, the Panzergrenadier Division Grodeutschland had been reduced to around 4,000 men. These escaped by ferry from the collapsing Memel bridgehead. They landed at Pillau and were put straight back into combat. By 25 April 1945, the division ceased to exist, having been completely destroyed in the battles around Pillau. Of the survivors only a few hundred were able to make their way to Schleswig-Holstein and surrendered to British forces. The majority of the men were left behind and were forced to surrender to the Russians where they often faced a fatal and indefinite amount of time in Russian Labor Camps (Gulags).Panzergrenadier Division Kurmark had been created out of Grodeutschland remnants in early 1945 and had fought throughout the last months of the war. Men of both the Brandenburg and Kurmark units were entitled to wear Grodeutschland insignia.The - skin - Grodeutschland panzer officer. Ive made this skin because i noticed theat there are no panzer officers in the game unlike call of duty 1.To install just drop the iwd file in to your call of duty 2 main folder and to uninstall just delete it.


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