Grzeznik's weapon mod

Here's the new version of the weapon mod I made for Call of Duty 2. See the readme file for a more detailed description.


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File Description

Here's the new version of the weapon mod I made for Call of Duty 2. See the readme file for a more detailed description.

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-=Weapon Realism Mod v1.5 by Grzeznik=-
2)Instalation instructions
5)Contact info

1) Description:

This mod was my first attempt to change the gameplay of call of duty SP. At first, it was supposed to be a weapon realism mod for my private use, but why not let more people have fun with it;)? It changes most of the weapon charachteristics - damage, accuracy, scope power, as well as almost all gunshot sounds. It's not a large file, so at leas try it;P. I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed creating it.


2) Installation instructions:

To istall the mod, place the weaponmod.iwd file in the "main" folder in your CoD2 dir. 



Some of you may find the game difficult to play CoD2 with this mod, but I've beatn the game with this on veteran difficulty, so it can't be that tough.


-Zoom removed from all weapons while using iron sights.
-Sniper rifle zoom reduced to 4X for G43, K98 (ZF4 scope), 4X for Enfield , 2.25X for springfield (M84 scope) , 3.5x for mosin (PU scope).
-Increased recoil both while firing from the hip and when ads for all weapons.
-Rate of fire changed for those weapons, which didn't originally fire at a historically accurate rates;).
-Damage of all weapons drastically increased (one hit to the chest is usually enough).
-Changed maximal ammount of ammo for all weapons (pistols - 4 clips, SMG's - 5-8 mags, 3 for PPSh-41, rifles - 11 mags/stripper clips, BAR - 11 mags).
-Virtually all weapon sounds replaced with new ones.

-Multiplayer weapons now have characteristics similar to those of SP weapons.
-Increased SMG accuracy

-AI accuracy graphs have ben modified, so your AI comrades (as well as your AI foes;)) now fight over greater distances and with better accuracy.


4) Credits:

All the new sounds have been taken directly from Forgotten Hope 0.7 and FHSW 2.7 mods for Battlefield 1942. Most of them have been modified. 

At the first stage of making this mod, I used xXezekielXx's CoD Weapon File Editor to modify the wapon files. (Thank you, xXezekielXx!!!)
Later, notepad was used. (Thank you, Microsoft... -.-)


5) Contact info:

If you wish to contact me or make any suggestions to the mod, send me a message to this address:

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