Hell's Highway

We've got two new, well-produced CoD2 videos for today, this first one "Hell's Highway" coming from Herz and Ødin. Cinematically speaking,...


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We've got two new, well-produced CoD2 videos for today, this first one "Hell's Highway" coming from Herz and Ødin. Cinematically speaking, this work is marvelous. The music and dubbed sounds go great with the action—granted, the spoken German doesn't reflect what the English captions say, but that's insignificant to the movie—and a liberal use of camera angles and special effects really make the visuals appealing. From an American standpoint, I admit it's a little unnerving to see the Germans killing our guys from their perspective, but of course, this otherwise fictional battle is supposed to be something that could've happened (and it probably did in some other battles) on a completely historical level. Thankfully, a disclaimer has been included to dismiss any negative ideas this production might have given the viewer; please read through it in the ReadMe section below because it's rather important in this instance. With all that out of the way, I highly recommend you download and watch this video as a masterfully rendered work of CoD2 footage with a healthy dose of drama, plot, and creativity thrown in. ;)


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-----Hell's Highway-----

	This truly is our first movie.  The "Pre-Scrim Fun" movie was something we put together in one night.  This has been a work in progress up until now.  We've put a lot of planning, hard work, and dedication into this. We've worked on this for the past 2 - 4 months.  It took so long because of many delays and setbacks. I hope you enjoy this movie, it took us many late nights to edit it and make it correct in our eyes.  The length of the movie, (8 minutes and 11 seconds) was completely unexpected, but we feel it plays out like an actual movie so we left the movie in its full length.
	The 101st Airborne have taken over a bridge near Best, Holland with the help of the 3rd British Armored Guards.  Keeping this bridge is vital to keeping the Allied army out of Germany and throwing back Operation Market Garden.  The 1st Fallschirmjager Regiment, battle-hardened veterans fresh out of Italy and the intense fighting at Monte Cassino, (where they earned their nickname the "Green Devils") are currently back on the frontline fighting, leaving two Gruppes (companies) in reserve.  These Gruppes are Iron and Concerete, the best companies the 1.FJR has to offer getting a much earned rest.  Axis HQ realizing the situation, called upon the two remaining Gruppes and ordered them to destroy the bridge. After destroying the bridge, the 1.FJR would fall back while the Wehrmacht (Regular German Army) took their place.  

Factual Information:
	This movie is only fictional and is not suppose to be representing an actual battle.  I did in depth research to find out about Operation Market Garden.  The dates and Best, Holland were actually in Operation Market Garden.  Although, Best, Holland and the dates in the movie are in fact close to the situations depicted in the movie.

	Best, Holland - Place where 101st met tough resistence from German counterattacks, but were saved by British tanks.
	September 19th - The day Best was taken by the 101st Airborne.
	September 20th - German forces regroup in Southern Holland while German forces elsewhere attack and inflict massive casaulties among Allied forces, specfically British paratroopers and the 82nd Airborne.
	September 21st - The day American forces along Hell's Highway were forced into defensive positions.
	The fact that the 1st Fallschirmjager Regiment was in Holland in September 1944 is also a big fat lie.  At this time, the 1.FJR were in Italy giving their famous, stubborn defence.

	Who are Biermann and Loschen?
		The 1.FJR's two CO's.
	What do the Germans go to the crates before going into battle?
		The Fallschirmjagers in WWII dropped with only their pistol, the Luger.  Their main weapons dropped in crates and they retrieved their primary weapons from there.

	What are those weird muffled sounds I hear in the background?
		That is me breathing into the microphone.  I didn't think Fraps would record that, but it did.  Please ignore it, then again, it really isn't that noticeable due to the music playing.

	Please don't distribute this without my permission.
	Music used:
	Hans Zimmer - Journey to The Line - The Thin Red Line
	Hans Zimmer - The Tide - Crimson Tide

	Both of the plane sounds are from the original CoD2 game.  They're C47 sounds, as it is nearly impossible to find Ju52 sounds. (Ju52's are the planes, commonly called Junkers, used to take Fallschirmjagers to their destination.

	This is a .wmv file, so you need Windows Media Player to play it. 

	AIM - mewiithoutYOUU
	Xfire - retardedwalrus
	Email - LinknPrk621 AT yahoo DOT com

	The CoD2 tactical realism unit, 1. Fallschirmjäger Regiment (|1.FJR|), does not (nor does any of its members) support any form of naziism, racism, or prejudice based on race, creed, sex, etc. The content of all public media released under 1.FJR Films/Productions or the "|1.FJR|" name is not created to glorify, support, or establish sympathy for the concept of naziism, the Nazi Party (in past and present forms, German or otherwise), registered Nazis, and all concepts related to such, nor are they put out to diminish the vailiant efforts of the soldiers of WWII by portraying the Allied Powers and all related countries/nationalities as weak or inherently evil, nor establish any stereotypes about the German people and their history. |1.FJR| was formed by mature, respectful individuals, with the intention of being a Call of Duty 2 tactical realism unit based on the ideals of comradeship, esprit de corps, and efficiency in combat.

Ufw. Herz
1st Fallschirmjager Regiment
Gruppe Iron

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