Hobo's Lee-Enfield and Rifle Mod



Here's a strangely specific new mod by [BIA]Hobo that changes various characteristics of the rifles in CoD2 and mainly those of the Scoped Lee-Enfield. Bascially, there's a lot of little things in here that you might not have expected, but just know that it will definitely change the feel of your game. ;) So if you want something new for your game, read the information below, check out the screenies, and put Hobo's mod on your server today!

  • Increased zoom for all rifles
  • New full-screen scope
  • Unlimited ammo and semi-auto fire for the Lee-Enfield
  • Increased grenade throw pitch


what this mod does 
--makes all the rifles zoom further than usual 
--changes the crosshair and makes a FULLSCREEN ZOOM
--unlimited ammo for the lee enfield 
--changes the PITCH of the grenades 
--makes the lee enfield semi-automatic

--and last but not least changes the names of some weapons

to install;
place the file in your cod2 main folder

to uninstall;
delete file from cod2 main folder

please do not mass produce this mod
without my xpress permission

thank you


`nick underscore casement AT yahoo DOT com

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