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Here's the second version of |ID|TopGun|Co's All Weapons Mod, which allows any person on any team to select any weapon at any time. :P This...


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Here's the second version of |ID|TopGun|Co's All Weapons Mod, which allows any person on any team to select any weapon at any time. :P This version features lots of important fixes and minor additions to the mod, so make sure you read the list below to see what it has to offer. If you liked the first release, then check out the screenshots of this one below, and download it now! :D

  • Fixed font size weapon-select glitch in the weapons menu
  • Added a "Back" keystroke for "9" in the Quick Message menu
  • Fixed the pictures of the grenades in the weapons menu to reflect the proper team
  • Changed much of the game text colors
  • Gave the pistols more ammo

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Download 'mp_allweapons_v1.1.zip' (48KB)

//////////// |IÐ|TopGun|CO's All Weapons Modification ///////////

	File: zzz_allweapons_v1.0.iwd

	Author: |IÐ|TopGun|Co

	Email: bbull_17@yahoo.com


	This modification for Call of Duty 2 Multiplayer gives 
	every team all the weapons in the game that are accessible 
	via the weapons menu for each team.

	ex. The Americans have all of their main weapons, but also 
	include all of the weapons from the British, Russian, and Germans

/// TO INSTALL ///

	To install this modification, place the zzz_allweapons_v1.0.iwd in your Call of Duty 2 Main folder or in your servers 	main folder.
	ex. C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 2\main\


	Simply remove zzz_allweapons_v1.0.iwd from your main folder or your servers main folder.


	Will not work with any other modification on the server. If you so desire to use this, either delete all the other mods, 	or create a folder and put the other mods in that folder.


- Fixed the font size in the weapons menu so that the mouse is actually over the weapon you are trying to choose.
-Added a back key in the Quick Message menu so that if you key in the wrong number, you can hit 9 and go back to the  Quick Message main menu.
-Fixed the picture of the nades with the weapons in the weapon menu to reflect that teams grenades.
-Changed the color of a lot of the game text to give it a neater feel.
-Gave the pistols more ammo, for fun.

Gave all the teams every weapon in the game from the other 3 teams.

Legal Information: If you would like to modify this modification, please email me at bbull_17@yahoo.com. Please do not steal this from me.

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