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Here's the latest version of |ID|TopGun|Co's All Weapons Mod. He's taken it through many changes over the last four versions, and the re...


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Here's the latest version of |ID|TopGun|Co's All Weapons Mod. He's taken it through many changes over the last four versions, and the result is an even better-looking, more customizable mod for all you admins out there who want this sort of gameplay. ;) Basically, what sets this mod apart from the other all-weapons mods out there is that this one has got beautifully organized menus, added weapons, and even a pistols menu now, among other things. Read the list of updates below for more reasons why you should get this mod, check out the screenshots below to see it in action, and download it now! :thumbsup:

  • Fixed bug where the pistols menu popped up for every Search and Destroy round
  • Added a CVar to toggle pistols on and off ("scr_allow_pistols")
  • Added a button on the pistols menu to exit the menu when pistols are off
  • Added pistol images to the pistols menu
  • Added a CVar to toggle MG42s on and off ("scr_allow_turret")

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Download 'zzz_allweapons_v1.4.zip' (262KB)

Readme File:
|ID|TopGun|Co's All Weapons Mod 

File Name: zzz_allweapons_v1.4.iwd

Author: |IÐ|TopGun|Co

Email: [email protected]

Purpose of this modification

This modification for Call of Duty 2 Multiplayer gives 
every team all the weapons in the game that are accessible 
via the weapons menu for each team. (Including pistols)
This also gives you the ability to randomly select your main weapon
and select the panzerschreck and scoped gewehr 43.

ex. The Americans have all of their main weapons, but also 
include all of the weapons from the British, Russian, and Germans.


To install this modification, place the zzz_allweapons_v1.4.iwd in your Call of Duty 2 Main folder or in your servers main folder.

ex. C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 2\main\


Simply remove zzz_allweapons_v1.4.iwd from your main folder or your servers main folder.

Version Updates

-F: Fixed Pistols Menu popping up every round in S&D.
-A: Added a cvar to enable or disable pistols. ex. scr_allow_pistols 1|0
-A: Added a button in the pistols menu to exit the menu when pistols are off.
-A: Added Pistol Images to Pistols Menu.
-A: Added Cvar to enable or disable MG42's ex.scr_allow_turret 1|0 (worm's PowerServer) 

-A: Added the Random Weapons button in the weapon slection menu. (When clicked, randomly selects a weapon for you)
-A: Added Panzerschreck to all weapon menus.
-A: Added Scoped Gewehr 43 to all weapon menus.
-D: Deleted all colored text except the colored text on the menus (not including the quickmessage menu) -- Might be re-added      in a later version, if there is one.
-C: Changed the amount of ammo the panzerschreck has to 10 projectiles instead of 5. (May change)
-F: Fixed the name of the pistols menu to say "Pistols Menu."
-F: Fixed some problems that might/might not have surfaced on the last version.
-A: Added the Scoped Gewehr 43 and Panzerschreck menu images. (Thanks to Tally for these images)
-C: Changed the ammo amount for all the pistols back to the normal amount. (May change in a later version, if there is one)

-A: Added a pistols menu to select any pistol you want in the game from any team. 
-A: Added my "Back Button" to the weapons menu. If your tired of accidently selecting the wrong team and are tired of going through the tiring and arduous process of getting back to the team menu, this button will fix that with just a little click of the mouse. (A MUST HAVE!)
-D: Deleted the colored text on the loading screen that shows the gametype (Wasn't Nescessary)

-F: Fixed the font size in the weapons menu so that the mouse is actually over the weapon you are trying to choose.
-A: Added a back key in the Quick Message menu so that if you key in the wrong number, you can hit 9 and go back to the Quick Message main menu.
-F: Fixed the picture of the nades with the weapons in the weapon menu to reflect that teams grenades.
-C: Changed the color of a lot of the game text to give it a neater feel.
-A: Gave the pistols more ammo, for fun.

-A: Gave all the teams every weapon in the game from the other 3 teams.


Will not work with any other modification on the server. 
If you so desire to use this, either delete all the other mods, 
or create a folder and put the other mods in that folder. 
Make sure if you have any other mod that has a name similar to my mod to delete it from your main folder, 
if you don't could cause problems. 

Worm - V1.4 wouldn't of been possible without your expertise and willingness to help.
elDiablo - Helping me create the pistols menu and getting it to work and creating the random weapons button. Thank you a               bunch! 
Tally2 - Help on a lot of the coding, Panzerschreck and Scoped Gewehr 43 images, and much more! Thanks again.
meowmix4jo - Help and time with the coding of some of my menus and buttons. Been working with me since the beginning.
Zeke - Help from looking and inserting some of his code from his panzerschreck/Scoped Gewehr 43 mod.
IW/Activision - Made the game.
Others: Astoroth and any others I have not mentioned that helped me with this mod.
Legal Information

You are allowed to edit/modify this modification as long as you give me credit for it. For more information or if you have questions email me at: [email protected]

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