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Here's a very cool new CoD2MP mod by |ID|TopGun|Co, which should definitely please server admins looking for a change of pace in the game....


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File Description

Here's a very cool new CoD2MP mod by |ID|TopGun|Co, which should definitely please server admins looking for a change of pace in the game. This mod converts your game to pistols-only play by removing all other weapons (and optionally removing grenades as well). As a bonus, though, players will have the chance to select their primary pistol of any from the other three teams; they'll also get their own team's pistol as their secondary weapon. This should keep the game interesting! ;) Read the full list of features below for more info on the mod, check out the screenshots below, and download it now!

  • Removed all weapons except pistols
  • Gave all teams access to all pistols
  • Removed stationary MG42s
  • Added pistol pictures and descriptions in weapons menu
  • Gave players more pistol ammo
  • Added CVar to toggle frag and smoke grenades on and off (scr_allow_smokegrenades, scr_allow_fraggrenades)
  • Added a back button on the weapons menu for convenience
  • Added CVars to toggle each pistol on and off (e.g. scr_allow_colt)

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Download 'zzz_pistols_only_v2.zip' (198KB)

Readme File:
|ID|TopGun|Co's Pistols Only Mod 

File Name: zzz_pistols_only_v2.iwd

Author: |IÐ|TopGun|Co

Email: [email protected]

Purpose of this modification

This mod only allows pistols to every team and each team can select a 
primary pistol while their secondary pistol is the one that reflects which team
they are on. There are no other weapons, thus making it pistols only.


To install this modification, place the zzz_pistols_only_v2.iwd in your Call of Duty 2 Main folder or in your servers main folder.

ex. C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 2\main\


Simply remove zzz_pistols_only_v2.iwd from your main folder or your servers main folder.

Version Updates

-R: Removed the Stationary MG42's
-A: Pistol images in weapons menu (Thanks to Tally)
-A: Weapon text in weapons menu (describes pistol)
-A: Added more ammo to each pistol
-A: Cvar to enable or disable frag and smoke grenades (scr_allow_smokegrenades 1|0 ; scr_allow_fraggrenades 1|0)
-A: My infamous back button, so if you select wrong team, you can go back to the team select menu.
-A: Added Cvars to enable or disable each pistol. (Not highly recommended to use.) ex. scr_allow_colt 1|0

-A: Gave all the teams every pistol in the game from the other 3 teams.
-R: Removed all other weapons, including grenades.


Will not work with any other modification on the server. 
If you so desire to use this, either delete all the other mods, 
or create a folder and put the other mods in that folder. 
Make sure if you have any other mod that has a name similar 
to my mod to delete it from your main folder, if you don't could cause problems.

///Search and Destroy Problem/// 

On the S&D gametype, after selecting a pistol from the menu, 
it will spawn you with no primary pistol, just the regular secondary pistol.
But, if you go back into the pistol menu and select the pistol you want 
(before the grace period is over!) it will give you that pistol along with the secondary pistol.
Also, you will respawn with the primary pistol in S&D only if you didn't die last round. 
If you did die during a round, at the beginning of the next round you will have to reselect your 
primary pistol. --This will hopefully be fixed next update.

dark.TopGun - Made the Mod
Tally - Providing the pistol images
IW and Activision - Made the COD2 game

Legal Information

You are allowed to edit/modify this modification as long as you give me credit for it. For more information or if you have questions email me at: [email protected]

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