|ID|TopGun|Co's Pistols-Only Mod

Here's a quick fix to |ID|TopGun|Co's recently released Pistols-Only Mod, which forces players to use the primary pistol of their choice a...


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File Description

Here's a quick fix to |ID|TopGun|Co's recently released Pistols-Only Mod, which forces players to use the primary pistol of their choice along with the secondary pistol that goes with their respective team. This update only deals with some minor bugs and aesthetic imperfections, but the download is small so why not get it? :) Read the list of changes below, and download v2.1 of |ID|TopGun|Co's Pistols-Only Mod today! ;)

  • Fixed grammatical errors in the Colt .45 description
  • Fixed Search and Destroy spawn glitch
  • Added "About Pistols Mod" to weapon menu

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Download 'zzz_pistols_only_v2.1.zip' (198KB)

Readme File:
|ID|TopGun|Co's Pistols Only Mod 

File Name: zzz_pistols_only_v2.1.iwd

Author: |IÐ|TopGun|Co

Email: bbull_17@yahoo.com

Purpose of this modification

This mod only allows pistols to every team and each team can select a 
primary pistol while their secondary pistol is the one that reflects which team
they are on. There are no other weapons, thus making it pistols only.


To install this modification, place the zzz_pistols_only_v2.1.iwd in your Call of Duty 2 Main folder or in your servers main folder.

ex. C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 2\main\


Simply remove zzz_pistols_only_v2.1.iwd from your main folder or your servers main folder.

Version Updates

-F: Fixed Grammatical errors in the text info for the colt .45
-F: Fixed S&D problem, selected gun now appears when you spawn.
-A: Added About Pistols Mod section in weapons menu

-R: Removed the Stationary MG42's
-A: Pistol images in weapons menu (Thanks to Tally)
-A: Weapon text in weapons menu (describes pistol)
-A: Added more ammo to each pistol
-A: Cvar to enable or disable frag and smoke grenades (scr_allow_smokegrenades 1|0 ; scr_allow_fraggrenades 1|0)
-A: My infamous back button, so if you select wrong team, you can go back to the team select menu.
-A: Added Cvars to enable or disable each pistol. (Not highly recommended to use.) ex. scr_allow_colt 1|0

-A: Gave all the teams every pistol in the game from the other 3 teams.
-R: Removed all other weapons, including grenades.


Will not work with any other modification on the server. 
If you so desire to use this, either delete all the other mods, 
or create a folder and put the other mods in that folder. 
Make sure if you have any other mod that has a name similar 
to my mod to delete it from your main folder, if you don't could cause problems.

dark.TopGun - Made the Mod
Tally - Providing the pistol images & help
IW and Activision - Made the COD2 game
DaniFilth - Used Mg42 removal script
dark. clan + COD2 Players - All who came on to the dark. public servers and helped me test out this mod.

Legal Information

You are allowed to edit/modify this modification as long as you give me credit for it. For more information or if you have questions email me at: bbull_17@yahoo.com

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