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Here's an interesting new mini-mod-type thing that changes many different aspects that affect not only the gameplay side of CoD2 single-pla...


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Here's an interesting new mini-mod-type thing that changes many different aspects that affect not only the gameplay side of CoD2 single-player but also the aesthetic side as well (a blood mod is included). :) It was made primarily to 'juice' the fun factor, though, so don't you realism buffs go flaming it! Anyway, if you want a nice new feel to single-player and all the weapons therein, read the features list below, check out the screenshots, and download this mod now! ;)

  • Rifles
    • ammo increased
    • semi-automatic
    • increased zoom when aiming down the sights
    • all can be reloaded mid-clip
  • SMGs, MGs
    • ammo increased
    • fire-rate increased
  • Pistols
    • ammo increased
  • Scoped Rifles
    • semi-automatic
    • 10-round mags
    • increased scope zoom
    • faster reloading
  • Flak guns, Crusader, Armored Car
    • Inflict much more damage
    • Fire faster
  • Grenades
    • ammo increased
    • extremely powerful
    • cookable at about four seconds
  • Miscellaneous
    • names colored in yellow
    • Panzershrecks are very powerful
    • blood mod made by PB&J

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          IMPROVED WEAPONS SP V 1   (built for COD 2 singleplayer)
This is a COD2 single player mod that alters weapons, tanks,flak guns, explosions and so on!!
this mod is not made to REALISTIC at all so no bashing on that part!! I made this mod
just for fun and it offers great fun!!, also some of the levels seem as if they are impossible
but I assure you they are very possible I played through the single player campaign twice to
be sure!! also a heads up on the british level where you man the gun in the armored car,
you have to be johnny on the spot for the flak gun fires extreme fast and leads to a very fast heat
up so fire it in short bursts other wise you will over heat and get blown up by a panzershreck!!
as well the grenades are very potent they are an effective room cleaner now!! but if you see the 
grenade icon run cause this goes both ways!!
changes made
rifles have there ammo increased and they are semiauto and have much greater zoom when sited
with the iron sites!! all rifles can be partially reloaded no matter what the weapon!!

smgs,and,mgs have there fire rate increased ammo  capacitys increased

pistols have there ammo increased

scoped rifles are semiauto have 10 round mags and icreased zoom for the scope, and reload a bit faster!

flakguns,crusader,armored car: do much more damage and  fire faster

grenades have had there capacity increased and power nearly doubled (extremely powerful)
and are cookable about 4 seconds!!

all names are colored in yellow just did it to do it !!

panzershrecks are very powerful as well so avoid them !!

blood mod made by PB&J <<<Special thanks to this person for allowing me to use there mod to make this one!!

to install this mod put zzzzz_improvedweaponsspV1.iwd into your cod 2 main
located generally /local disk/activision/cod2/main

to remove it delete the above file from the specified location!!

this mod may not work with other mods in your cod 2 main, atleast other single player mods anyway multiplayer
mods should have no effect, just a heads up!!
this is version one of this mod there may or may not be a second version never know!!

there are a few miner probablems: they are as follows, the mp44,tt30,and m1carbine when the magazine is ran
empty they reload to there default settings, all you have to do is hit (R) or reload again to get max ammo,
best way to solve this is to keep your weapons full!!

these are not really probablems just heads up I guess!!
the lee enfield scoped fires full auto,the grenades are very powerful,the flakguns are very powerful,the panzershreck,
and crusader tank turret have exceptionally large blast area!!

other than the above probablems I don't know of any if there is any others they are very small!!

any questions comments,complaints, you can reach me at [email protected]

hope you enjoy this mod and have fun!!

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