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Here's a quick update on La Truffe's 'hybrid' gametype known as Individual Hold the Flag (IHTF). This one primarily features compatibility...


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Here's a quick update on La Truffe's 'hybrid' gametype known as Individual Hold the Flag (IHTF). This one primarily features compatibility with the CoD v1.2 patch, similar to the IHTF recently released in Bell's AWE 3.0 beta 5b. But for those of you who want the gametype without all the frills of AWE, you'll enjoy having this small, all-inclusive file. :) There's more included to this new version, though, so don't just be satisfied with the v1.2 fix; there's plenty more where that came from. :P Read the full list of fixes and changes below, check out the ReadMe for details on the gametype and how it works, have a gander at the screenies, and put this awesome gametype on your servers today! :thumbsup:

  • Fixed player name colors overriding certain text colors
  • Added a timeout for stealing the flag (scr_ihtf_flagtimeout -- after this delay, the flag respawns elsewhere)
  • Players now spawn away from the flag (minimum distance: scr_ithf_spawndistance)
  • Remove CVar: scr_ihtf_removeflagspawns

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Server side modification for Call of Duty 2 multiplayer version 1.2
Name    : Individual Hold the Flag (IHTF)
Version : 1.1
Author  : La Truffe ([email protected])

IHTF is a new gametype for COD2, non team based.
It is now included in AWE mod since 3.0 beta 5b (
I strongly suggest to use it inside AWE, as this mod provides lots of great
Anyway, this one is a standalone version that doesn't need AWE.
With another mod, you may have to combine some files.

Call of Duty 2 1.2.
Stock maps, any custom map that supports DM.

Based on Hold the Flag by Bell (HTF).
Thanks to Bell for including IHTF into AWE.

Changes in version 1.1
- force some printed text in white color in case player names include color codes
- add a time out for stealing the flag, controlled by scr_ihtf_flagtimeout ; after this delay the flag respawns elsewhere
- force players to spawn away from the flag, at a minimum distance controlled by scr_ithf_spawndistance
- remove cvar scr_ihtf_removeflagspawns

Copy zzz_ihtf_svr_1.1.iwd in your "Call of Duty 2\main" folder.
Set g_gametype to ihtf on your server and make it exec ihtf.cfg.

For those familiar with HTF, IHTF is a mix between HTF and DM.
Basically, it is like HTF without teams, or DM with an objective (the flag).

The object is to get the flag, which spawns randomly at DM spawn points, and
hold it as long as possible.

The flag holder scores 3 points every 30 seconds by default.
The flag is always marked on the compass.

The first player that reaches the score limit wins.
The player with the best score at time limit wins.

Any player can kill any other player, being the flag holder or not.
However, killing the flag carrier, stealing the flag and holding it earns more

See ihtf.cfg for cvars.

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