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JSlavenburg, producer of all types of mods, has come back at us with something for use outside of Call of Duty this time. :) He's made this beautiful slideshow-style screensaver of some intense and memorable moments of the cinematics of Call of Duty 2. What's nice also is that it uses a third-party program to set itself up, so it won't leave nasty files on your computer like most other custom screensavers you find out there nowadays. :P Anyway, check out the screenshots below to get a glimpse of what this has to offer, and download it today! :D



Thanks for downloading this screensaver.

Made by: Joshua Slavenburg

Build time: 2 hours o_O (1.5 hours to search for pictures ^^ )

Install notes:

Just run the .exe file, then click on install.

Any questions?

E-mail: [email protected]
Xfire: jslavenburg
msn: [email protected]

Enjoy it!


Joshua Slavenburg

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