KnifeInFace's 3rd Canadian Infantry Division Skins

Here we have some incredibly well-rendered new 3rd Canadian Infantry Division skins by KnifeInFace for the CoD2 British. KIF has put every...


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Here we have some incredibly well-rendered new 3rd Canadian Infantry Division skins by KnifeInFace for the CoD2 British. KIF has put every last detail and ounce of realism into these works of art, and he's made sure it's all been done in high resolution, too! ;) I can't even begin to sum up all of what's been changed, but I'm loving the final result! Just read the detailed list of new stuff below to get an idea, check out the screenshots to see the best of these babies, and download these awesome 3rd Canadian ID skins today! :thumbsup:

  • High-res textures for DX7 users
  • High-res faces for the soldiers
  • Highly detailed and shaded fatigues and sleeves
  • New 3rd Canadian Infantry badge
  • Recolored fatigues for historical accuracy
  • Slightly modified ranks
  • Removed logo on the non-netted helmet (historical accuracy)
  • Removed North Nova-Scotia's Highlanders credo

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Download '' (2.06MB)

KnifeInFace's 3rd Canadian Infantry Divison


Simply place the iwd. file into your "main" folder which is situated in your Call of Duty 2 directory

Call of Duty 2 Directory - C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 2\
Place the iwd. in here - C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 2\main\


The seconde version of my 3rd Canadian Inf. Div. skins. 
Features more detailed fatigues, with all new shading and redone arm sleeves.
A must have, if your Canadian!


-High res textures for direct x-7 users.
-High res faces of the soldiers. 
-Highly detailed fatigues with shading.
-Highly detailed arm sleeves with shading.
-New 3rd Canadian Infantry badge.
-Recolored fatigues to match the canadian fatigues of WW2.
-Slightly modified ranks.
-Removed logo on the helemt without the netting (for historical purposes).
-Removed North Nova-Scotia's Highlanders creedo (don't want to be specific).


All made by KnifeInFace (KIF) also known as Scott S. R. d'Eon
If you wish to use or edit this skin and rerelease it with your name on it, please ask me

Legal Stuff:

In no circumstances am I responsiple for any harmful events that may come to your computer by installing this mod.
Its YOUR choice to install it, and its YOUR fault if your computer is harmed.
(Although I highly doubt this mod will harm your computer)
You've been warned!

Will there be another release?:



You can reach me at my website
or email me at [email protected]

Copyright© KIF Studios 2006

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