KnifeInFace's High- and Low-Res M1 Garand



Here's another production by KnifeInFace for today, this one being for the CoD2 M1 Garand. This skin looks excellent in both DX7 and DX9 modes, and although it retains an all-around smooth, appealing look, I really think that DX9 metal has a lot to say. ;) Read below to find out what exactly has been changed, take a gander at the screenshots to see the skin in both modes, and download KnifeInFace's latest weapon skin now! :D

  • New wood and redone metals
  • Redone bump and specular maps
  • High- and low-resolution versions included




KnifeInFace's M1 Garand High and Low Res

-#15 Of The "Real" Series-


Simply place the iwd. file into your "main" folder which is situated in your Call of Duty 2 directory

Call of Duty 2 Directory - C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 2\
Place the iwd. in here - C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 2\main\


This one was a delight to create, the previous skin, was actually pretty well done, so It would only take a bit of altering and new wood to produce my latest skin.
One of my favorites, get it now!

-New wood and redone metals
-Redone bumps and specs
-Twice as many pixels then previous skin
-Low res for lower end cards


All made by KnifeInFace (KIF) also known as Scott S. R. d'Eon
If you wish to use or edit this skin and rerelease it with your name on it, please ask me

Legal Stuff:

In no circumstances am I responsiple for any harmful events that may come to your computer by installing this mod.
Its YOUR choice to install it, and its YOUR fault if your computer is harmed.
(Although I highly doubt this mod will harm your computer)
You've been warned!

Will there be another version?:



You can reach me at my website http://kif.ki.funpic.org
or email me at [email protected]

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