KnifeInFace's Lee-Enfield Skin



I feel like I can't repeat myself anymore! :( It's always the same thing... KnifeInFace produces perfect skins! You all know this.. just look at the screenshots, and download it already! :rock:




KnifeInFace's Lee Enfield v.2

-#10 Of The "Real" Series-


Simply place one of the 2 iwd. file into your "main" folder which is situated in your Call of Duty 2 directory
DX-7 = Lower End Computers, DX-9 = Higher End.

Call of Duty 2 Directory - C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 2\
Place the iwd. in here - C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 2\main\


Another one of my skins revisited for DX-9 users. I toned the brightness down because i thought it was too sharp.
A note for DX-7 users, your probably better off using "v.1" then with this one.


-New wood
-Redone metals
-Redone Spec's
-Redone Bump's
-Beautiful polish for DX-9 users


All made by KnifeInFace (KIF) also known as Scott S. R. d'Eon
If you wish to use or edit this skin and rerelease it with your name on it, please ask me first.

Special Thanks:

I'm giving out a special thanks to John Keel for helping me with the productions of my skins through the past years.
He's the one who takes the pictures for me in Direct x-9.

Legal Stuff:

In no circumstances am I responsiple for any harmful events that may come to your computer by installing this mod.
Its YOUR choice to install it, and its YOUR fault if your computer is harmed.
(Although I highly doubt this mod will harm your computer)
You've been warned!

Will there be another version?:



You can reach me at my website http://kif.ki.funpic.org
or email me at [email protected]

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