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Here's an absolutely stunning collection of sounds assembled by Michel S. Boonstra, which he acquired from a handful of famous films and gam...


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Here's an absolutely stunning collection of sounds assembled by Michel S. Boonstra, which he acquired from a handful of famous films and games. This mod replaces not only every weapon sound but also many miscellaneous sounds, such as tank engines, footsteps, door kicks, and explosions. The vast scope of this mod really changes the feel of the game, and it does so in style! The sounds go together incredibly well and are very high-quality and pleasing in their own special way. Clearly, just by reading the list of new sounds in the ReadMe, you can tell that this author has meticulously chosen the sounds to make the best collection possible for CoD2. :) With that in mind, get this ground-breaking sound mod today! :thumbsup:

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Download '' (29.89MB)

KP (KNOKPLOEG) sound modification V.1
for Call of Duty 2

Sounds converted by
Michel S. Boonstra

A sound mod which replaces original weapon, tank, footsteps,
doorkicks and explosions sounds for some of the best sounds
I could find in WW2 movies and mini series.

(source listing below)

just copy "zzz_kp_sound_mod_v1.iwd" in your COD2\Main directory
To uninstall, delete that file (doh!)


30cal -->	Band of Brothers; 30cal supporting fire during night attack at Dutch dike
bar --> 	Saving Private Ryan; Reiben's BAR during Ramelle battle
bren --> 	Thin Red Line; Japanese machine gun from bunker
colt --> 	Saving Private Ryan; Miller fires his pistol at that mean kraut tank
enfield --> 	mix of sounds; mostly distinctive the Medal of Honor enfield sound
FG42 --> 	mix of sounds
flak --> 	Windtalkers; the artillery shooting at the Jap high positions before the final battle
gewehr43 --> 	Thin Red Line; Japanese rifle during the river chase
greaser --> 	Band of Brothers; the clearing of Foy, private Cobb
impact --> 	Longest Day, Thin Red Line, Der Untergang, Saving Private Ryan, Band of Brothers, Bridge too Far
kar98k --> 	Band of Brothers; Bastogne, Hinkel has a go at Babe
luger --> 	Band of Brothers; Bastogne, Hooblers side kick
m1carbine --> 	Thin Red Line; attacking the first bunker after the arty prelude
m1garand --> 	Band of Brothers; Dick Winter's rifle at Brecourt
mg42 --> 	Band of Brothers; MG42 shooting from Dutch dike at night
mp40 --> 	Band of Brothers; German soldier fireing at Buck Compton at Nuenen
mp44 --> 	Der Untergang; German Soldier firering at advancing Russians
nagant --> 	mix of Enemy at the Gates/Medal of Honor nagant sound
nagant sniper --> Enemy at the Gates; Vasily shoots Major Koenig in the hand
panzerfaust --> Saints and Soldiers; panzerfaust being shot at our 3 heros during final battle
ppsh --> 	Der Untergang; sudden Russian attack on escaping German troops during the night scene
springfield --> Saving Private Ryan; prv Jackson shooting from the tower
svt40 --> 	Enemy at the Gates; Russian rifleman
webley --> 	Saints and Soldiers; Winley shoots that mean jerry in the forest

Doors kick -->	Doors kicked by Band of Brother soldiers at Carentan and Nuenen

Explosions -->	Impacts and incoming sounds taken from Band of Brothers, the Longest Day artillery, der Untergang and a Bridge Too Far.

Tank moving --> Enemy at the Gates; German tank coming after Danilov, just before he meets Vasily.
Tank idle --> 	Bridge too Far; German tank in woods where James Caan is hiding his jeep.
Turret --> 	Saving Private Ryan; Tiger tank turret during Ramelle battle.

Footsteps -->	Band of Brothers, Enemy at the Gates and Thin Red Line.

Whizzbys -->	Band of Brothers, mostly from Carentan attack and Brecourt battle.


If you want to use these files for your own mod, feel free,
just list me in the credits please.

Respect to the creative minds out there and all dedicated gamers.


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