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The author aka_WarMachine has released a new Call of Duty 2 map called "Kraut Hammer," featuring an intricate arena-style layout and compati...


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The author aka_WarMachine has released a new Call of Duty 2 map called "Kraut Hammer," featuring an intricate arena-style layout and compatibility with DM, TDM, and CTF. It's somewhat of a large creation, so you may not want to play this with just a few of your buddies as is usually the case with these sorts of maps. Rather, it'd be best for use at a big LAN party or something of the like. However you play it, though, you're sure to have a darn good time with all the quirks like sniper platforms, explodable barrels, and secret tunnels. :P I encourage you to look at the ReadMe below because the author included quite an extensive description; after you see that, check out the screenshots below, and download Kraut Hammer today! ;)


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Call Of Duty 2 Multiplayer Map (beta)
Currently supported gametypes: DM TDM CTF
Beta release: 14.OCT.2006

Created by: "a.k.a.WarMachine"
(Also known as: Baratski, =NAZ=, P.C.INVASION... and others ;-) )



Kraut Hammer is a arena style, multiplayer map. The map was built upon an actual maze layout. But don't get the idea that you will be aimlessly running around into dead ends. The maze layout is not at all complicated and I've tried to seamlessly integrate it into the map. Although you will surely feel trapped at times, in this beta release I've added plenty of opportunities to get up from ground level. You will also find some of the maze walls have been hollowed out to be used as tunnels to safely get to other sides of the map. The tunnels are lit with flaming fire barrels along the way.

From the ground level and all the way to the upper deck, the arena is littered with obstacles. The upper deck is sectioned off with operational blast doors. And, my favorite part, exploding barrels that are tripped by players moving throughout the map. Exploding barrels block the two entrances to the outer main walls where I have set up sniper platforms. There are even exploding barrels that fall down onto the upper deck catwalk.

This is a beta release and I plan to fill in some of the bare spots and apply more finishing detail at a later date.
I hope you like it and please let me know of any problems.




Extract the file ""

Copy the file "zzz_mp_kraut_hammer.iwd" to the "\main" folder of your COD2 installation

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