L'Auberge Du Beauvais, France

Here we have an absolutely incredible new CoD2 multi-player map by RaRaAvIs, which stands out for a number of reasons. First of all, it's...


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Here we have an absolutely incredible new CoD2 multi-player map by RaRaAvIs, which stands out for a number of reasons. First of all, it's one of the few large-scale maps out there for the game; it's recommended for play with 20 or more players! ;) Second, the map is available in a good collection of gametypes: TDM, HQ, SD, and CTF. And finally, best of all, it looks and plays like a dream. :D It's got a creepy atmosphere as it is and takes place at night, but what really adds that extra adrenaline-inducing factor is the thick layer of fog that severely limits your vision and makes silhouettes of anything out of visible range. You can see this clearly (or rather, not so clearly :P ) from the pictures, but I highly suggest you download and watch the map's promo video, which you can find here (nice music included in that). Anyway, after all this, I'm sure you're not going to pass this bad boy up, so check out the screenshots below, and put it on your servers today! :thumbsup:

NOTE: This file has been reposted due to an error in the previous post.

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Download 'bfe_bowvay.zip' (9.19MB)


Map Title                : L'Auberge Du Beauvais, France (bfe_bowvay)
Map Version              : Final
Author                   : RaRaAvIs
E-mail                   : raraavis@europeelites.net
Website                  : Clan Website-www.europeelites.net
Video Link               : http://e3downloads.lostnode.org/bfe_bowvay.wmv


Game                     : Call of Duty 2

Supported Gametype       : Multiplayer
                         : HQ
                         : Team Deathmatch
                         : Capture the Flag
                         : Search and Destroy

Map Size                 : 20+ : Very Large


Installation Instructions:

     install to your - C:\\program files\Activision\Call of
     Duty 2\main


Construction Time        : 200+ hours

Known Bugs               : A few minor terrain "rips", they dont effect gameplay at all, but you might lose a nade down one:P


Special Thanks           :

     Thanks to Modsonline, and all the people that helped with beta testing.


Additional Notes         :
This is a very large map it was gonna be a bit of a tester map to get used to CoD2 editor, but turned into a proper map. It basically a big open area with a small village within center surrounded by a river. The big open area has lots of cover provided by trees,bushes,rocks and other things.
The map is mean to set be around dawn time of day, hence its a dark map, with lots of "mist" rising from the river.
For server admin is file name is "bfe_bowvay" for map rotations.
The map was made with Battle For Europe (www.bfecod.com) in mind, which are huge 12v12 battles lasting 12 hours, 3 times a week. Sign up at www.bfecod.com.

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