Last Team Standing for Wolfsbane's CoD2 Realism Mod

Here's a new gametype for use with Wolfsbane's CoD2 Realism Mod by what I think sounds like two developers: Dono...


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Here's a new gametype for use with Wolfsbane's CoD2 Realism Mod by what I think sounds like two developers: Donovan and Hendrix (it says "Donovan/Hendrix" in the ReadMe). This is similar to the 'famous' Last Man Standing gametype in practically every other game, except, of course, this applies to the entire team as in "Last Team Standing." I suppose you could equate this to Round-Based Deathmatch as played in Medal of Honor; basically, that's how it all works out. :) One other way to describe LTS is by saying Search and Destroy without objectives, so if the idea is good to you, make sure you pick up Wolfsbane's CoD2 Realism Mod and Donovan/Hendrix's Last Team Standing now! :D


EDIT: Ok, so it's a single author with two separate aliases. Thanks for clearing that up, comment poster #1. :)

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//Last Team Standing for Wolfbanes Realism Mod by Donovan/Hendrix

Last Team Standing is a gametype.


        Objective: Eliminate the other team
	Round ends:	When one team is eliminated
	Map ends:	When one team reaches the score limit, or time limit or round limit is reached
	Respawning:	Players remain dead for the round and will respawn at the beginning of the next round

//How to install

To install this mod, just simply take the IWD and place it in your wrm folder! or If you  want to run it server side, 
you can extract the files and put "lts.gsc, and lts.txt" into your wrm/maps/mp/gametypes folder. This will make it so the client
does not have to download.

//Config Commands

// Last Team Standing
set scr_lts_timelimit "0"
set scr_lts_scorelimit "0"
set scr_lts_roundlimit "6"
set scr_lts_graceperiod "15"
set scr_lts_roundlength "8"

Simply put this into your config and set it for your liking.


-Thanks to Etromania for helping me with calls
-Thanks to Tally for helping me with it all around
-Thanks to Slipstick for helping me find those script compile errors
-Thanks to Bell for letting me use his script as a base.
-Thanks to TA|Hope for letting me test on his server and for making the Config Commands


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