Legion of Dark Angel's Main Menu

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A new developer by the name Lucifer has made a main menu mod. I must say that there are some pretty creative features in this mod such as: a slot password function and a game server link. As well as these changes they have modified the colors of the buttons, the music and the pictures. I find that this looks nice, maybe not for the realistic people out there, but for those who want a change to the plain old CoD2 MP, then this is the mod for you! :thumbsup:




Call of Duty 2

Legion of Dark Angels Main Menu

Author: [LDA]Lucifer
email:  [email protected]
Website: http://www.lda-clan.com
Filename: lda-mainmenu.iwd

Description: This main menu is the first from LDA Clan, it comprises of a link to gameservers with also private 
slot password function.
we have also created a loading screen for Call of duty 2 

We have changed colours of buttons, music and background pictures.

Just put the iwd file in your main directory of Call of Duty 2. (C:\Program Files\Call of Duty 2\main) is default.
and put bmp file into your call of duty 2 folder overwriting when asked..Done

rEvEngE of thE nErd Allies Main menus (for music & Pictures)
3rd Infantry division Main menu (for server link button)

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