Maginot Line

Here's the second version of Martinos's versatile, yet realistic CoD2 map based on the Maginot Line. If you liked the first version...


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Here's the second version of [EUMC]Martinos's versatile, yet realistic CoD2 map based on the Maginot Line. If you liked the first version of the map, then you'll certainly love what's been done to this one, released just three days later. He's addressed many problems that seemed to get through the first time, and now he's even done a lot to enhance the way the map plays. ;) The map itself features a wide array of playing areas, from underground passageways to open fields, and is compatible in all the CoD2 gametypes, so why not give it a go? Read the list below to see what's been changed in version 2, check out the screenshots, and download Maginot Line today! :thumbsup:

  • Fixed nonsolid terrain
  • Lowered bunker "bridge" for playability
  • Made it easier to get in and out of rooms and trucks
  • Added two turrets (unusable) for historical accuracy
  • Added more bushes for cover
  • Added a hole to the middle pillbox, so the Allies have another entry point


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Download '' (4.57MB)

This is my third cod2 mp map: mp_maginotv2.
It's based on the bunker Shoenenburg of this defence line. I didnt take it directly from the 
layout of the real bunker, but tried to give an impression of the line.
The map is playable in all the gametypes, dm, tdm, sd, ctf, hq. There's a big area inside the
bunker for close combat, and the outside is suitable for practising on your sniperskills ;).
Just unzip the mp_maginotline.iwd and put it in your main folder, and you're good to go.

	fixes in V2: 	- there was a piece of terrain which wasnt solid.
			- the "bridge" in the bunker wa too close to the ceiling to jump off, so i lowered it.
			- put some mantle textures here and there to make it easier to get in and and out of rooms/trucks
			- I made two turrets, just for show, but i thought they should be there, as it was a caracteristic
			  for the maginot line.
			- Put in some more bushes, to provide cover.
			- made a whole in the middle pillbox, so the allies have another entry point
martinuil at hotmail dot com

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