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Here's a great new program for users wishing to run servers quickly from their own computers, locally or publicly for internet use (in the latter case, you'll have to retrieve your public IP). It features everything you need to get started, all centralized in one easy-to-use and physically small location, so you're set to go with this program! You just enter your IP, specify the location of your CoD2MP_s.exe file, fix up the settings of the server, and click the "Start New Server" button. Couldn't be any easier than that. ;) Just check out the screenshots below to see what I mean, and download this awesome tool today! :thumbsup:

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Make CoD2Server Ver1.1

This is the new version of Make_CoD2Server (Ver 1.1).
To install it, you must unistall the Make_CoD2Server (Ver1.0). Go to Control Panel => Add or Remove Programs and remove "Setup_Server".

This upgrated tool contains:
1.Bug Fixed (Directory of the Game)
2.Importer for new Maps.
3.The new Maps of CoD2 Patch 1.2 (Wallendar=Rhine, Rostov=Harbor).
4.And, pictures of the weapons.

This program, makes in your Desktop a new icon (CoD2_Server) to run the server from there.

I wait new ideas..to make this tool easier, more helpful, with plethora of options.

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4 years ago

Κώστα καλησπέρα, 

Πολύ χρήσιμο το άρθρο και το προγραμματάκι όμως δεν έχουμε καταφέρει να συνδεθούμε με την ip που φαίνεται να μας δείχνει η εφαρμογη. (Έχει γίνει το port forwarding)...