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Here's an outstanding new utility that's specifically useful for admins of CoD, CoDUO, and CoD2 servers, but any curious user would find this a good download, too. :) As far as I know, this "MapInfo Ex" is the first of its type for the CoD games. It's a Windows-only shell extension that adds a clever little page to the pk3-file Properties dialog that gives information on any maps the pk3 holds. I guess it's a little hard to explain, so just make sure you check out the screenshots below to really understand it, and download this sweet new shell extension today! :thumbsup:




>Mugs< MapInfo Ex
Property Sheet Extension for Microsoft Windows®
Build # ( 19.Aug.2006 )

Copyright © 2006 Kev French. The >Mugs< Clan.
All rights reserved.

MapInfo is a Windows® Shell Extension that adds an additional page to the 
Windows® Properties dialog for PK3 (Call of Duty/United Offensive) and IWD 
(Call of Duty 2) files that displays the following:

* How many maps (if any) that were found in the file
* The full (displayed) name of the map
* The in-game name of the map (mp_*)
* Which game types the map supports

If a file contains multiple maps the extension will provide a drop down 
list containing the full names of each map found. Selecting a map will 
automatically update the rest of the information.

To help prevent typing errors when creating rotation entries the in-game 
name may be copied to the Windows® Clipboard by clicking the Copy button.

Install & Uninstall
Installation is entirely automated - just follow the wizard and the MapInfo 
extension will be installed and registered on your machine. It is strongly 
recommended that you uninstall any previous version before installing.

If at any time you want to remove the MapInfo extension use the “Add/Remove 
Programs” applet in Control Panel.

Known Limitations
* The extension will only indicate standard game types, custom types are not 
  supported in this release.
* The extension cannot determine whether a map is Call of Duty 1.5 or United 
  Offensive specific.
* The extension cannot distinguish between PK3 files used by Call of Duty and
  United Offensive and those used by other games based on the Quake3 Engine 
  – you may see some strange results from these.
* Color codes in map names (^1, ^2, etc.) are not supported and will be removed.

Supported Platforms
The extension has been tested with a variety of files under Windows® XP 
Professional and Windows 2000 Professional without issue. 

Risks from the Software
You acknowledge that the Software may have errors and may produce unexpected 
results. You agree that any use of the Software will be entirely at your own 
risk. You agree to backup data and take other appropriate measures to protect 
other programs and data. 

This utility is free. It may be distributed in its original, unmodified state 
provided that no direct monetary or other charge is levied. 

This is a pretty simple extension but if you have a good idea how to improve 
on it please feel free drop me a line and let me know about it. 

Kev French 
(Dethpikabel Mug)

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