I'm speechless. This is awesome. I don't know how someone goes about modding in something like this, but it's great! This new bot mod...


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I'm speechless. This is awesome. I don't know how someone goes about modding in something like this, but it's great! This new bot mod by Maks Deryabin is just amazing. The bots play like people! They can be a tad dumb at times (when they catch you in their sights, they'll just stand there shooting at you), but then again, people can be dumb, too. Just read the ReadMe as best you can -- I know it's not the most clearly written -- and you can get your own bot match going. I was playing a 7 v. 7 on Carentan, and it got pretty intense. :P Now we just need to get some voices going for these bots... Get on it, Maks! :)


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MeatBot for Call of Duty 2
The name 	: MeatBot (MBot)
The version : 0.7
Date 		: Ìàð 6, 2007
The author 	: Maks Deryabin aka Spec
E-mail 	: [email protected]
ICQ 		: 252-831-762
IRC 		: *cf.cod
URL 		:
Modified	: cepe7a

The description
Fashions for Call of Duty 2 bots adding in the multiuser game. Fashions it is intended only for one person creating a server (see "Start" è "Remarks"), i.e. normal work a fashion is guaranteed, if anybody except for the player its created does not join a server.

The best bots

These bots, as alive. Full illusion of game with alive players. Such yet was not. Bots are able to run, jump, jump over obstacles, to throw pomegranates, to sit in an ambush.

Before instal  strongly recommend  patch game up to version 1.3.
Unpack archive and place in a directory of game, for example: C:\Games\Call of Duty 2.

 - In a folder with game create a label for CoD2MP_s.exe
 - In adjustments{options} of a label in a field "Object" add the following line: +set fs_game mbot +exec mbot.cfg
 - We start for game through the created label.
 - Further we create the usual (not allocated) server through the menu " To create a server " or with the help of a console command 
/map <map>.

Supported gametypes
 - Team Deathmath (tdm)

Supported maps
Standard maps


Maps of foreign developers


addbot <team>: adds in game of bots. <team> can be: allies - the bot comes for allies
                                                          axis - the bot comes for an axis
                                                          auto - the bot automatically chooses a team
Example: &quot; addbot auto &quot;
removebot <parm>: removes boats. <parm> can be: allies - removes a bot from among allies
                                                    axis - removes a bot from among an axis
                                                    all - removes all bots
                                                    <the name of a bot> - removes a bot with the specified name
Example: &quot; removebot bot12 &quot;
skill <number>: skill bots - from 0 up to 10, 10 - the most difficult.
restart <parm>: restart maps. <parm> can be: fast - fast restart
                                                  map - usual restart maps
Example: &quot; restart fast &quot;
loadmap <map>: loads a map with the name <map>. Loads, if only it supports bots.

Example: &quot; loadmap mp_carentan &quot;
bot_autojoin 1 - bots will automatically come for that team in which they were before
              0 - bots will not come for the last team

The following conditions are necessary for normal work a fashion:
 - sv_pure 0
 - dedicated 0
 - USE of COMMANDS DESCRIBED ABOVE! It is not recommended USE by the following built - in commands: kick, clientkick, onlykick, banUser, banClient, tempBanUser, tempBanClient, fast_restart, map_restart, map_rotate, map, - as they can result in wrong work a fashion.
 - On a server only one player - that is you, well and, naturally, bots.

If you have found that or, that you really count a bug be not at a loss to tell about it, having communicated with me to addresses specified above.


New in this version:
- The system waypoints is changed, now it began more flexible
- Boats have learned to jump
- Boats have learned to get and get obstacles (mantle)
- Boats have learned to get on a vertical ladder
- Animation of run of a bot is added
- Animation of a jump and falling downwards is added
- Animation to get through  obstacles is added
- Animation to get  on a vertical ladder is added
- Now bots recharge the weapon if patrons on zero
- Now the amount a pomegranate at bots not infinite, and depends on type of the weapon
- It is added scoring run of bots, a landing, to get  on a vertical ladder
- The bug with colliding the player by a bot is corrected


Changes from cepe7a

<<Changes in logic of bots>>


[+] Has improved system of the resolution of conflicts at moving bots

[+] Fix jumps of bots - now they do not fail through the ground. It is possible to use direct jumps and jumps upwards.

[+] Has made smoother movement of bots - now they do not brake on everyone WP

[+] Now if the bot sees other bot of the team shooting on the purpose, it{he} turns in the same side

[+] Now bots do not shoot almost at the (on idea should not at all, but disorder of shots...:))

[+] In a command addbot now it is possible to set with what weapon to add a boat:
    Syntax: addbot <auto|allies|axis> [<weapon *>]
	 <weapon *> - number of the weapon in the menu of a choice. I.e. addbot axis 2 - will add a bot to Germans with kar98

[*] Value of a sight of bots (bot_viewangle) is changed on 45 by default (and that very big-eyed)

[+] Are added waypoint's for maps:
	 mp_carentan (from Spec);
	 mp_railyard, mp_buhlert,mp_karkand_tdm (from asdfg)
	 gob_aim, mp_aim_1, mp_harbor, mp_pavlov, mp_deadend (from Shaman-13); 
	 mp_matmata, mp_burgundy (from Figubis);


[+] Boats now do not see through bushes and other opaque objects

[+] Boats now see not on 360 degrees, and on 120 (it is set to a variable bot_viewangle)

[+] range of a sight of a bot (a variable bot_maxdistance, by default 3000) Is limited

[+] Now bots smoothly change a corner of a sight

[+] Boats react to hit in them, turning aside attacking

[+] Speed of turn of a bot depends from skill

[+] the Sound of steps and falling now depends on a surface on which there is a bot


Additional waypoints search on a site*st=240

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