Medal of Honor Sounds for CoD2



Hey all... I found this complete sound mod sitting around on my computer collecting dust, so I figured why not put some use to it and release it here as was planned long ago. :P I made a few other Medal of Honor sound mods for CoD and CoDUO, but this is the first one I've done for CoD2 and I haven't seen any others like it. Anyway, check out the ReadMe below for details on what's included, and leave your comments at the bottom. ;)




Medal of Honor Sounds for CoD2


Author Information

Name: xXezekielXx 
E-mail: Download the zip to see! 
Website: http://www.EzekielVictor.com
AIM: zekecoasterfreak
MSN: Download the zip to see!
Note: If you e-mail me, please include an appropriate subject line so your e-mail is not mistaken for junk.



All sounds in this mod come from either Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, its first expansion (Spearhead), or its second expansion (Breakthrough). Some of the included sounds will only be heard in single-player. The following is a brief list of what new sounds come with this mod:

-Weapon sounds as follows (incl. all fire and reload sounds unless otherwise noted):
   -Bren (from MoHBT Vickers)
   -Colt and TT30
   -Flak 88
   -Gewehr 43 (scoped and unscoped)
   -Kar98k (scoped and unscoped)
   -Lee-Enfield (scoped and unscoped)
   -Luger (from MoH Walther P38)
   -M1 Garand
   -MG42 (no reload sound)
   -Mosin-Nagant (scoped and unscoped)
   -Nebelwerfer (no reload sound)
   -Panzerschreck (no reload sound)
   -PPSh and PPS42
   -Webley (no reload sound)

-multi-player Russian voice commands (now actually in Russian)
-various Russian interjections for single-player
-38 explosion (incl. grenades, mortars, etc.)
-21 explosion "incoming"
-58 bullet impact sounds
-21 whizby
-31 miscellaneous (incl. menu sounds, player foley, grenade foley, melee, etc.)
-menu music
-24 body fall
-62 footstep/jump/crawl
-12 door/gate/hatch
-6 glass break



Place the CoD2 mod file ("user-MoHSoundsForCoD2_xXezekielXx.iwd") in your 'Activision\Call of Duty 2\main' directory.

To uninstall a mod, delete the appropriate mod file from your "main" directory.



You may not profit from or redistribute this package without my explicit permission. In the instance that you are redistributing this release, you must include this unmodified ReadMe in its entirety.

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