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Zeev has released the third version (now 1.2) of his client utility set, Mgamers.co.il Tools. This version features all sorts of new stuff, such as the usual (but important) bug fixes and even a new section to suggest features to Zeev himself! If you don't know about this program already, I took some screenshots that should explain everything much better, so check 'em out below, and download the Mgamers.co.il Tools today! :D




Mgamers.co.il tools 1.2

Call of Duty 2 level unlocker - You can unlock any level from Russian, British or American campaign. 

Call of Duty 1\2 Nick generator - Make your nick with writing effect. 

Call of Duty 1\2 Random message - create 6 groups of random messages.
Edit the binds and all the messages in taunts.ini file, then run the program and change the interval from 0.1 to 2 sec. Set it below 1 if you have fast computer, but if you have lags or gliches, raise the number to 1 or 2 seconds.
Now select the game - CoD1 or CoD2, and make sure the program is in the right game folder (dont run it from program files/callofduty1/ if you want this messages in CoD2). Press Start button and launch Call of Duty, connect to a server and press the binds you have set in the config file.

1.2 version

Added - Main window where you can talk with the author of the mgamers tools, suggest new features for this program or just talk to another users
Fixed - Setup now installs all dll files into system directory, it prevents a dll error message in several computers.
Fixed - An issue where the registry path of the games was incorrect in the mod cleaner window.
Fixed - Found a bug in updater program, it didnt run mgamers tools after all files were downloaded to the folder.

1.1 version

Added - Mod cleaner. This program will clean any mods from your Call of Duty 1\2 folders.
Added - Update program. If there is a newer Mgamers.co.il tools version, it will automatically launch updater.
Fixed - Level unlocker. I have found some bugs that unlocked levels that you did not select. 

Mail feedback, bugs or suggestions for new program features - [email protected]

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