Here's the latest version of Zeev's Tools, now in 1.5c, with more features and fixes than ever before. :) One of the more imp...


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Here's the latest version of Zeev's Tools, now in 1.5c, with more features and fixes than ever before. :) One of the more important goodies in particular is the news tool that grabs the latest news from Call of Duty fan sites like CoDFiles and IWNation. You can suggest other sites to be tracked by e-mailing Zeev or leaving a message in the shoutbox. Check out the ReadMe below for the details, and upgrade to 1.5c today! ;)


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Readme tools 1.5c

IMPORTANT!! Make sure you have more than one bind in a specific group (RANDOM MESSAGES), otherwise the program wont work or will be stuck.

First of all, I have fixed the error that caused to the previous releases show an error about some old version updates.
From now my old versions of Mgamers tools should work and update itself automaticaly to Mgamers tools 1.5b 

Added to random messages variables which can be used in random binds: health, weapon name, primary ammo, secondary ammo, grenades left. 
Works only with CoD1 version 1.5, didnt have time to make it availible to CoD2 and UO. Maybe next release ;)
You can use it in the following way:
^5BASH? ^3I HAVE %health% health ^6 :)
MY STATUS -> I have %weapon% -> ammo left: %primary%, secondary ammo left: %secondary%, Grenades left: %nade%

You will see this binds in the game:
BASH? I HAVE 45 health :)
MY STATUS -> I HAVE MP44 -> ammo left: 21, secondary ammo left: 7, Grenades left: 2

Variables list:

%health% - your health (100 max)
%weapon% - your primary weapon
%primary% - ammo of your primary weapon
%secondary% - ammo of your secondary weapon
%nade% - Grenades left 

1. Server favourites list with filters like gametype, map, players, and ping. Select your filter, then click Start and Mgamers Tools will check every few seconds for the most suitable server according to your favourites list. 

2. Server tools. Here you can run the following functions: 
- Console messages. It will send every X seconds a console message. 
- Send config file. You can choose any server config file from your computer and send it to your server.
- Game type script. Every X seconds, this script will check how many people are playing on your server
and then change the SCORE LIMIT by the following formula: Players * NUM = new scorelimit 
For more information about this script, go to Server -> More Gametypes -> Help 
- Added Winamp listening bind to Random messages window. When you are playing, press B (default) to 
show your mates what song you are listening now with the Winamp player.
- Added Config exec schedule. With this little tool, you can now add schedule tasks to your server that will exec any server config you want!
For example, you can schedule British maps for 14:00 and Russian vs Axis in the evening! or.. you can make a rifle server in the morning while the server is not full, and return the normal server settings in the afternoon. its all up to you! 

3. Level unlocker - You can unlock any level from Russian, British or American campaign. 

4. Nick generator - Make your nick with writing effect. 

5. Random message - create 6 groups of random messages.
Edit the binds and all the messages in taunts.ini file, then run the program and change the interval from 0.1 to 2 sec. Set it below 1 if you have fast computer, but if you have lags or gliches, raise the number to 1 or 2 seconds.
Now select the game - CoD1 or CoD2, and make sure the program is in the right game folder (dont run it from program files/callofduty1/ if you want this messages in CoD2). Press Start button and launch Call of Duty, connect to a server and press the binds you have set in the config file. 

6. Mod cleaner. This program will clean any mods from your Call of Duty 1\2 folders. 

7. Main window where you can talk with the author of the mgamers tools, suggest new features for this program or just talk to another users 

1.5c version

Added - News system to the main window. It grabs the latest news from Call of Duty websites like and 

1.5b version

Added - bind variables in random messages
Fixed - in the last relase I forgot to include the taunt.cfg file
Fixed - server and version number errors in the program 

1.5 version

Added - Favourite list servers.
Added - You can turn on multiple tools together like random messages, favourites list schedule, server scripts etc..
Added - You can move all windows and minimize them to the system tray.
Improved - message posting in the main screen (time, date, user's location, etc.).
Added - Six colors to message posting (main screen).
Added - Spam filter to the message posting window. You cannot post too long messages.
Improved - You can browse your CoD2 profiles in the Level Unlocker window. After you load your profile, it will automatically check all opened SP levels.
Improved - No more double message in Random messages tool (It remembers the previous message). 

1.4 version

Added - Config exec schedule.
Added - Winamp listening bind to Random messages window.
Fixed - You can view Mgamers tools in the task bar.
Fixed - I have moved to another server with new domain, thats why Mgamers tools didnt work last days.

1.3 version

Added - Server tools. 

1.2 version

Added - Main window.
Fixed - Setup now installs all dll files into system directory, it prevents a dll error message in several computers.
Fixed - An issue where the registry path of the games was incorrect in the mod cleaner window.
Fixed - Found a bug in updater program, it didnt run mgamers tools after all files were downloaded to the folder.

1.1 version

Added - Mod cleaner. Added - Update program. If there is a newer tools version, it will automatically launch updater.
Fixed - Level unlocker. I have found some bugs that unlocked levels that you did not select. 

Mail feedback, bugs or suggestions for new program features - [email protected]

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