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Zeev, maker of the Mgamers.co.il Tools, has produced a sleek program designed to make numpad voice binds for Call of Duty 2 with a few easy clicks here and there. :) Now the program looks and works great, but there is just one minor complaint from the peanut gallery here: I'd like for it to appear in the taskbar below so I can minimize and maximize it and just basically keep track of the program more easily. Now obviously this isn't some huge flaw, and it's certainly not enough to mark points off or anything, but that's just my comment. Check out the picture of the program's interface below, and if it looks like something you could use, download Zeev's latest concoction today! :thumbsup:



Mgamers.co.il Voice Binds 1.0

This program makes key shortcuts for voice commands. This is my first version, so it only supports Numpad 0-9 keys.
I have tested this program with CoD2 and it works, but it may not work properly with CoD1 or UO. 

How does it work?
Run Voice binds. Now set your shortcuts, you have only Numpad 0-9 keys. 
There are 3 voice messages groups: Commands (8 messages), Statements (8 messages) and Responses (7 messages). After you have set your binds, save it and run Call of Duty 2, and dont close this program.
Thats all, press 0-9 Numpad keys and you will hear your voice messages! 

Mail feedback, bugs or suggestions for new program features - [email protected]

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