Here's the third version of the CoD2 Mirage map by The Army with a number of added and modified features that should keep you coming back fo...


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Here's the third version of the CoD2 Mirage map by The Army with a number of added and modified features that should keep you coming back for more. ;) That is, in addition to special effects like some dust and sun glare, there are also numerous tweaks to make the map play better, along with the usual bug fixes you get with these sorts of updates. If that all sounds just dandy to you, then make sure you check out the screenshots below of the latest Mirage release, and download the map today! ;)


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Download 'mp_mirage_ver3.zip' (10.21MB)


Map Title : Mirage
Map Version :3
Author : The Army / JGreen827
E-mail : JGreen827 AT aol Dot com
Website :


Game : Call of Duty 2

Supported Gametype : Multiplayer
: Deathmatch
: Team Deathmatch
: Capture the Flag
: Search and Destroy

Map Size : 12-20 : Large Map


Contents of this Package :mp_mirage-ver3.iwd, 6 screenshots


Installation Instructions:

Extract files and copy mp_mirage_ver3.iwd into your call of duty
2 main directory usually located here:
C:/programfiles/activision/callofduty2/main. Run the
multiplayer game and the map will be in the maps list.


Construction Time :4 Months

Custom Content : Textures

Known Bugs : none


Special Thanks :

Everyone at Modsonlone.com for there dedicated help.


Additional Notes :

Ok so heres what I got.  I have spent most of my time this past week learning how to add dust and perfecting it.  There are some problems, for example, it appears in a few places where it should not be, but nothing major.  I hope that I added just the right amount, not to much and not to little (that was by far the hardest part).  Overall the gameplay should be greatly improved.   Also included is a new sun glare effect that really adds to the graphical appearence.  Many of the CTF, DM, and TDM spawns for the allies have also been adjusted and should no longer pose a problem.  Also, some glitches that have been pointed out to me have been resolved.  The map is not perfect, but it is certaintly better and is the best that my mapping abilties will allow me to do.  If you have not yet downloaded it give it a try and download it now.  The map supports everything except HQ and it must be doing something right if version 2 has reached over 1000 download at codfiles,com  Any comments, questions, or whatever please inform me.  I have put to much time and effort into this project for it not to be as good as it possibly can.  Enjoy!


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