Modder's Hell: The Lost Massacre

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WARNING: The following mod contains extreme amounts of blood and gore and is not recommended for players under 18 years of age.

Modder's Hell has returned to bring you their last creation, "The Lost Massacre." I could sum this up by saying "blood mod," but there are quite a few extra features that might catch your eye. Check all those out in the ReadMe below, see the screenshots, and give it a try if you're into this sort of thing.




Modder's Hell
Have you missed us? We had a long pause.... 
I know, it's not much new, but it's completly bug free. 
Mostly everything is fixed, without the 'Headpop Neck Model Glitch'. 
General Info
Mod Title: Modder's Hell The Lost Massacre.
Author: Modder's Hell
Website: http://moddershell.com/nuke/
Email: [email protected]
Note: This will be our last creation for 'Call of Duty 2'.
Only patches will be released, and maybe some updates/add-ons.
-Blood pools, Blood splats, headpop and Body Exploding.
-Stains and such will be at ground pretty long, fixed from massacre.
-You can now cary up to 10 Grenades. Excluding the Smoke Grenades.
-M1Garand is reloadable mid clip. The animation is slowed down, for realism.
-Some weapons got more ammo, some got less.
-Weapon swaying changed, it's so little so you won't notice much.
-Stains, blood, splats at wall is more Detailed. New Textures.
-Added some new Barrel Explosions, pretty sexy.
-Barrels will cause more damage, and flames stay longer.
-New grenade explosion, yeah! It's hot!
-Many more features, but since this have been archive at my PC. 
-I won't remember all i added. Hope you enjoy,
-more or less than last time.
-Extra gore 
-Blood splatters on the ground/wall
-Pain/death sounds
-Blood pools under the player when killed
-Custom HUD
-Projectile/grenade weapons will gib

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