Modern Weapons for CoD2

This mod gives your Call of Duty 2 game a handful of sweet looking modern weapons. It uses AWE v3CE to provide many options and all the usua...


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This mod gives your Call of Duty 2 game a handful of sweet looking modern weapons. It uses AWE v3CE to provide many options and all the usual AWE stuff. The weapons are from the Extreme mod and others and are used with permission. Weapons from the Extreme mod are copyrighted and should not be extracted for any reason without permission from the original creators! See the ReadMe for details.

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Mod developed by Urded - Mods By Urded -      12/11/08
Co-developer PlusIce aka ~TWZ~Omega -

Modern Weapons for COD2

This mod is a modern weapons mod for Call of Duty 2. It uses AWE v3CE for a lot more options and all the usual AWE stuff.

## WARNING - Weapons in this mod are copyrighted and are used with permission. Under no circumstance are the weapons to be extracted and used elsewhere without permission from the creator of the weapons!!!


Unzip then put "mod_weap_cod2" folder in Call of Duty 2 folder, not the main folder.


*Sevensniff - All of the copyrighted weapons. Contact: XFIRE = sevensniff
*|>MC<| Herc - Helped sevensniff with weapon conversion
*@&apos;di- silver USP, converted it from Call of Duty 4
*Infinity Ward(makers of cod4)- Making the cod4 version of USP
*Valve Corporation- Made the original models that sevensniff converted.
*Str!ker- Converted the AK101 and M4 to cod2
*Lan Clan- for making the cod1 version of the models Str!ker converted.
*PlusIce - Getting permission to use and aquiring the weapons. Finding all the player skins. Some of his own weapon stuff.
*Urded - Putting everything together and getting it all to work together. Plus Skins, sounds, scripts, etc.....

## Weapons:

PlusIce - AK-101, M4, MP5, and USP. Reskinned the ak101 to black wood
Silenced Colt = @&apos;di
# Sevensniff = All other weapons including M4A1, MP5A4...all of these are the copyrighted ones!!

Player skins:

American Grass Camo skins = |2ndAD|Wilhelm
British Royal Marine Commando skins = (c) 2006 David Horler (don&apos;t think this email works? I tried to contact)
PlusIce&apos;s Teal Russian Uniforms Version: 1.0 = PlusIce aka ~TWZ~Omega -
Casual Enemy Skin: p0intBl4nk


Blue static & Mounted = Urded
All other crosshairs = M@yhem^DoomSlayer

Sniper Scopes:

NightRider =nightmare= team

=SvS=Major Lagg

Any questions or comments contact Urded:

As in the Extreme Mod not all of the weapon animations are perfect. I fooled with some of them to try to get them to look better.

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