Here is a creative little utility from a new comer called Lev!athan. This program basically moves all the unwanted .iwd files into a newly c...


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Here is a creative little utility from a new comer called Lev!athan. This program basically moves all the unwanted .iwd files into a newly created folder in your main folder. This is really helpful when your main folder is full of mods and maps and you need to clean it out. Plus the author has made it so you can edit the program to make it keep some files in the main! With this program you can't go wrong when doing a "house sweep" in your main folder, give this utility a download now! :D


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//////////moDMove 2.0 by Lev///////////
ONLY FOR COD2 1.3*¹ English/German
	visit: www[dot]codjumper[dot]com
NOTE: windows2000/XP only
What does it do: o.O

moDMove2.0 moves all the customsmapfiles and mods in an extra folder called modmove
and you can move the files back to the main folder of Call of Duty 2. You can also 
set files that won't be moved like a special mod or custommaps. Note only .iwd files
will be moved.

What will be in the next version:
	- Clear Mainfolder
	- a better image not that crappy paint one
1. Install Instructions
just put all the files in your mainfolder:
 - modmove.ini 
 - moDMove2.0.exe

   Use Editor or other tool and open the modmove.ini
a.) [Programminfo] Do not change anythings here except the language=eng or ger

b.) [Folder] You HAVE to change otherwise it wont work example: C:\Programme\Call of Duty 2\Main\ <- dont forget the last \

c.) [Extra] This is an option for jumpers and maptesters. All files will be moved in the modmove folder except the savepositionmod1.0
            and the 999nademod (look in the ini for further details)

d.)	[NoMove] DONT CHANGE THERE ANYTHING IN THE LINES 1-28 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
		     You can add files here that wont be moved; like custommaps or a specific mod
			 NOTE: ONLY .iwd files

					 ; wert29=jm_castle.iwd  <-- example 
					 ; you can add here more values like maps that u want to keep in your main-folder
					 ;for that u have to write in the next line: wert29=mapname.iwd and so on always in a new line !
					 ;if u are running the Programm while editing u wont see any effect so start it again
					 wert29=jm_castle.iwd *²

*¹: The Tool should work also with older versions. 1.0;1.2
*²: Start with wert29=blabla under the commented lines (they start with a &quot;;&quot;)

Contact: www[dot]codjumper[dot]com or mailto:geil[dot]sandra[AT]web[dot]de

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