Here's a new little utility by Lev from the German community. It basically does what we've seen before in cleaning a user's Main folder,...


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Here's a new little utility by Lev from the German community. It basically does what we've seen before in cleaning a user's Main folder, but it's presented in a slightly different way and for some reason only compatible with CoD2 v1.3. If you need a tool like this, though, and you qualify for the CoD2 v1.3 limitation, then why not give this a try? :P Check out the screenshot below, and give it a download. ;)


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//////////moDMove 3.0 by Lev///////////
ONLY FOR COD2 1.3*¹ English/German

With moDMove 3.0  you can move all the modfiles of your spammed mainfolder to an other folder that u wont get an iwd sum mismatch error and that you dont have to download all the modfiles again if you play in the internet. You can also clear the mainfolder or delete the .tmp files.
The new feature is that u have a list with files that wont be moved that stay in the main folder. Have Fun	
	Regards to: Bugfix of the german autoit community;
1. Install Instructions
just put all the files in your mainfolder:
- launch moDMove3.0_setup.exe
	Do not place a "\" after the last Folder of the installpath. e.g. C:\Programme\Call of Duty 2\main

	Launch the Programm and Open Options->Config:
													- language default is english
													- point to the Call of Duty 2 mainfolder with an "\" at the end
													- jumpermode:
																	if jumpermode is on it keeps the: 
																										- zzz_Save_position_mod_V1.0.iwd
																										- zzz_999_nades.iwd
																	always in the mainfolder
													- reset: resets all to default

3. NoMoveList
	You can add own files that wont be moved. To add a file open the NoMoveList from the maingui and add a filename: soviet_stronghold.iwd.
	Do not forget the .iwd at the end! then press the "+"-Button.
	If u want to add more files than possible at the NomMveList you can add some in the modmove.ini. Open it with the editor. Go to the end of
	the file: [NoMoveCustom] and add a value. You will see how it works ;-)!
4. Traymenu

	If ýou minimize the window you will see the icon in the tray. With rightclick on it u can show up the window or launch Call of Duty 2

5. Planned for the next version ;-)

	- add serverip to launch Call of Duty 2 directly out of the programme
	- better gui
	- maybe other new functions
*¹: The Tool should work also with older versions. 1.0;1.2

Contact: www[DOT]codjumper[DOT]com in the forums or geil[DOT]sandra[AT]web[DOT]de

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