Here's the second release of Moffia's MoFPack (MoF is "Mods on Fire," the modding group which he created and continues to head). The group is dedicated to creating small, simple, but highly popular mods for the Call of Duty games -- particularly CoD2 -- in response to fan and server admin requests. Well, this pack expands on the original release with lots of cool new features, along with optimizations and additions to the old. Read the following little blurb from the ReadMe to see the complete list of what's included herein, check out the screenshot to see the CVars in-game, and download this fine pack of mini-mods for your server now!

  • Health Bar Toggle
  • Crosshair forced off/player's choice/forced on
  • World message to every player (above the crosshair)
  • Death Icons Toggle
  • Grenade Indicators Toggle
  • Forced Auto-Download (only affects players after server map change)
  • Red Enemy Crosshair Toggle
  • Shellshock Toggle
  • Unknown Soldier Renamer


--------------/\/\/\/\/\^*MoFPack V1.1*^/\/\/\/\/\--------------

- Healthbar Toggle
- Crosshair forced off/players choice/forced on
- World message to every player, just above the crosshair ;)
- DeathIcons Toggle
- Grenade Indicators Toggle
- Forced Autodownload (Only affects when the player cnnects and then changes the map)
- Red Enemy Crosshair Toggle
- Shellshock Enable/Disable
- Unknown Soldier Renamer

You can control EVERYTHING with just CVars:

/mof_healthbar 1 ----- Will turn the healthbar on. Turning to 0 will turn it off
/mof_crosshair 0 ----- Will turn all the crosshairs OFF. changing to 1 is players choice and set to 2 is all crosshairs to be forced ON
/mof_deathicons 0 ------ Will turn deathicons off. Turning it to 1 will turn them on.
/mof_grenadeindicator 0 ------ Will turn grenade indicators off on. Turning it to 1 will turn them on.
/mof_downloadforce 1 ------ Will force the player to set Allow Downloading on. When turning it to 0 it doens't force.
/mof_worldmessage ----- Sends a message to all players :)
/mof_redenemyxhair 1 ----- When u aim on a enemy with crosshair on, you see it's changing red. When it's this CVar is set to 0 all players with Crosshair doesn't have the red triggerbot :P.
/mof_shellshock 0 - Turns off the shellshock, 1 is on.
/mof_usnamechanger 1 - Set's the Unknown Soldier Namechanger on.

NOTE: Everything is set off. What i mean with that? I mean with that that everything is set to default so you need to do all by yourself. It hasn't changed anything so it kills the confusing :)

Greetings Moffia
mr.moffia [at] gmail [dot] com

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