Mortified Weapon Sound Mod



It's hard to give really in-depth descriptions of sound mods because usually it's a very linear process: 1) listen to new sounds in the game, 2) offer opinion on how they sound and perhaps a factual look at the quality. There's not much there to say, but with this new sound mod by a developer known simply as MORTIMER, the game is given new life in the way of action audio. MORTIMER has reworked the weapon fire and reload sounds in CoD2 to give them a much more spacial presence with new stereophonic character and various added effects. The idea is brilliant, and in my opinion, the result is flawless. What you get is a whole lot more excitement in the game generated through the sounds and not an entirely new feel, which is a good thing, because it's basically the old sounds beefed up! ;) Even if you're satisfied with the CoD2 stock gun sounds, I can almost bet that shooting the Luger makes you feel like a wuss... come on, how can you deny that? :P Well, if you don't care about any of the other new sounds, just download this mod for the Luger because it is THAT much better. Trust me. :thumbsup:




Copy file "zzz_mortified_sound_wpns.zip into you main folder in your call of duty 2 folder.

This mod replaces all the multiplayer weapon sound with brand newly mastered 
ones with new realistic effects added like shell cassings falling and echo effects on the rifles.
The reloading and rechambering sound are now mastered in prologic stereo meaning the sound follow
the animation on screen when the character reloads the weapon.I f you use a 5.1 system this mods 
really comes to life,But stereo head phones work too.

This sound mod was brought to you by MORTIMER

Please dont use this sound mod or part there of in any other mod without my knowledge
drop me a line at [email protected] and I will give you permission.

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