Mortified Weapon Sound Mod

Here's the second release of MORTIMER's Mortified Weapon Sound Mod, which features a wide array of weapon fire and reload sounds (as well...


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Here's the second release of MORTIMER's Mortified Weapon Sound Mod, which features a wide array of weapon fire and reload sounds (as well as a few explosions) fully remastered by the 'M-man' himself. :P This version also fixes a rather serious glitch present in the initial release that prevented sounds from being played at proper volumes, if they played at all. With that out of the way, though, you should be in for some fun with this sucker, so take some time and download this awesome fixed sound pack today! :thumbsup:


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Download '' (25.75MB)

                          _/_/_/_/_/ MORTIFIED WEAPONS SOUND MOD VER1.5\_\_\_\_\_
                                        BROUGHT TO YOU BY MORTIMER
                                   SOUND RECORDING AND EDITING = MORTIMER

INSTALATION: just unzip the file into your call of dut 2 main folder 
It contains 2 iwd files on with sound file and one with the soundalias file. 
Also delete or remove the old version of the sound mod.

This version of the mod (like the first version) replaces all the multiplayer weapon sound with brand newly mastered 
ones with new realistic effects added like shell cassings falling and echo effects on the rifles.
Some weapons sound are changed like the shot gun and the g43 etc.
The reloading and rechambering sound are now mastered in prologic stereo meaning the sound follow
the animation on screen when the character reloads the weapon.If you use a 5.1 system this mods 
really comes to life,But stereo head phones work too.

A major change and improvement is the newly added soundalias file which controls 
when the pro logic file are played and when the mono counter parts needs to play.

This fixed amajor bug in the first one: the game use to play only half of all the stereo file for the third person
sound effects like the grenades making them half as load as they should be and then the game played the other 
half of the sound with the next sound repeatedly. THIS WAS ONLY REALLY NOTICED WHEN USED ON A SEVER WITH MORE THAN ONE PLAYER.
Creating the sound alias file to play from two sets of sound one mono set for third person sounds and one stereo set
for first person  sounds fixed the problem an now it should work flawlessly.

I would like to thank the community for all the feed back and support.

If you want to use this mod in another project feel free ,please just let my know and cite my work in your mod.

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