Moving Tank Tutorial



Here's a very cool new tutorial by vT-Ownage for Call of Duty 2 single-player mappers. In a few short steps, you'll have your very own tank brigade moving around your map. :) Check out the screenshots below for a look at the tutorial, and download the whole thing for all the examples and documents!




Moving Tank ReadMe

All maps must be compiled first to work in-game.

	This tutorial will show you how to make a moving Sherman tank for a Single Player Map for Call of Duty 2®. If you’re wondering why I do this stuff, well it’s to make people more interested in making Call of Duty 2® Single Player maps, especially when Call of Duty 4® is going to be Modern Warfare. Yea I know I say that in every read me, but its true. This might also be of use to the BoB MoD Developers, right now their working on an awesome MoD for Call of Duty 2®, and I personally will be downloading it, their working on a site, that looks awesome, right now as well as forums. When they finish it I’ll be sure to post it.

====Legal Information===

You may distribute this tutorial anywhere online, unless not allowed, with my consent, just simply e-mail me and let me know. I guarantee you I will say yes; you must also use my name as the original creator though.

You may distribute this tutorial on any means such as, memory key, floppy disk, I-pod, etc; with my consent.

===Other Information===

Build Time: 2 Hours

Made By: vT-Ownage

Helper: Sarge_E

Special Thanks to:
Zeke, Nightmare, BoB MoD Team.

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