mp Stadtrandr2

medium sized map for Call of Duty 2


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File Description

medium sized map for Call of Duty 2

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Download '' (3.38MB)

Updated Version
Changes include:
1) opened fences to allow access to all parts of map,
2) added SD,
3) moved the spawns/CTF flags,
4) added more tunnels and tunnel entrances,
5) changed allies to British,
6) added battle damage, furniture, more wrecks, plants, structures,
7) improved the grid/vclog file.(Jan.28th)

Thank you for downloading this custom map for Cod2.

Installation Instructions

	Put mp_stadtrandr2.iwd in your Call of Duty 2\Main folder.
	If you get an iw sum mismatch error then remove any old custom 
	mods/maps to a map pack.

Contents of this Package

	 1. mp_stadtrandr2.iwd
	 2. mp_stadtrandr2.iwd/soundaliases/mp_stadtrandr2.csv 
	 3. mp_stadtrandr2.iwd/images/loadscreen_mp_stadtrandr2.iwi,
	 4. mp_stadtrandr2.iwd/maps/mp/mp_stadtrandr2.csv
	 5. mp_stadtrandr2.iwd/maps/mp/mp_stadtrandr2.d3dbsp
	 6. mp_stadtrandr2.iwd/maps/mp/mp_stadtrandr2.gsc	
	 7. mp_stadtrandr2.iwd/mp/mp_stadtrandr2.arena
	 8. mp_stadtrandr2.iwd/materials/loadscreen_mp_stadtrandr2.file,

	None in this version.

Created by Conciliator and [hy]Rover, Dec 31, 2007, revision Jan 28, 2008
mail to: [email protected]

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