Namphibian's Hi-Res G43 Skin Pack

Here's a sweet CoD2 three-pack of Gewehr 43 skins by our main man, Namphibian. :P I like how they were actually made with DX7 users in min...


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Here's a sweet CoD2 three-pack of Gewehr 43 skins by our main man, Namphibian. :P I like how they were actually made with DX7 users in mind, but still they look incredible in DX9. The three skins feature unique designs, which all look great in the game: the common tan G43 look, a darker "oak" wood look, and a novelty forest camo-patterned gun. Personally, I find the camouflage one most exciting, even though it is a tad unrealistic, as Namphibian said himself. :) In any case, check out the screenies below to see all three of the new skins, and if you like what you see, download this great new pack now! :thumbsup:


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Download '' (4.22MB)

Namphibian's High-Res G43 Pack

Author: Namphibian 


Build Time: 2-3 weeks.

Tools Used: Adobe Photoshop 

This release contains a pack of 3 G43 skins, one with tan wood,
one with dark brown "oak" and a novelty one done in camo.
Yes, I've committed the mortal sin of putting camo on a gun. 
Needless to say it's not realistic, I made it just because 
I could and because I thought it looked kind of cool. I mean I 
suppose it's possible, albeit extremely remotely that a soldier 
might have found a way to camouflage his weapon, soldiers in the 
field getting up to all kinds of crazy tinkering with their gear. 
Yeah. Anyway. Full normal/specular lighting maps included for 
the benefit of DX9 users, although it's mainly meant for DX7ers. 


Install Instructions:

Place 'zzzz_ng43bumpspec.iwd' and EITHER 'zzz_namsg43_tan.iwd' 
or 'zzz_namsg43_camo.iwd' or 'zzz_namsg43_brown.iwd' (depending on 
which G43 skin you want to use) in your main Call of Duty 2 
directory (usually C:/Program Files/Activision/Call of Duty 2/
Main). If you're a DX7 user you don't have to bother with 
'zzzz_ng43bumpspec.iwd', it contains the bump and spec maps which
I separated to cut down the filesize. 



-This skin won't work if you join a Pure server.



You are free to distribute this skin without my permission as long
as this readme is included in unmodified form. Although I wouldn't
mind being notified if for some reason you do want to include it
in a skin pack or something. 

As with all my mods, I take NO responsibility for this mod 
harming your computer in any way. It is entirely YOUR DECISION 
to install and use. That said, I can't see any way in which it 
could plausibly do so.



Thanks To

Infinity Ward

Gray Matter

CodFiles + all its members

The guys over at The Forums (TM)

Please send comments, bug reports etc to Namphibian 

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