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This is an ironic coincidence! Just released was Vector Akashi's No Dust Mod, and now from two completely di...


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This is an ironic coincidence! Just released was Vector Akashi's No Dust Mod, and now from two completely different authors comes the No-FX Mod. The premise of this mod is similar in that it's capable of removing pretty much every map effect in CoD2. What's particularly nice about this mod is that it invests all the power in the server admin to decide which effects are too 'heavy-duty' for client computers. There's a wide array of new CVars in this to allow for such extensive customization, so make sure you check out the ReadMe if you plan on utilizing this mod. And if it does sound good to you, then check out the screenshots below of a few maps with no effects, and download this great utility now! :D

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NofX Mod Version 1.2

File Name: zzz_nofxmod_v1_2.iwd

Mod Description:

Gives server admins the option to turn on/off the map effects, such as fog, smoke & fires.
CVAR control allows server admins to turn these effects off totally or on a map to map basis.
Individual effects per map can be turned on or off too.
Many players experience graphical lag & slow down due to too many map effects on lower-spec pc systems,
even faster machines have been known to struggle slightly.
Server admins can help players enjoy the COD2 experience much more.


Add the zzz_nofxmod_v1_2.iwd file into either your MAIN folder or your fs_game folder on your server. 

*** I recommend this mod to be used in a seperate folder other than main.
Use the +fs_game command in your server startup line to set a seperate game folder.

Add the following lines to your server config:

// ===== Beginning of NOFX Mod code =====

// *** Nofx v1.2 server-side mod (Originally created by Ydiss, adapted to v1.2 of COD2 by -=(NEC)=-Hysteria) ***

// Add the following to your server config to enable control of the map effects
// removes fog, dust, fire, smoke, flies and snow
// doesn't remove player created effects or smoke grenades
// 0 = disabled (Effects remain ON), 1 = enabled (Effects are turned OFF) 
// /map_restart required to enable changes to take effect
// These cvars turn all effects on or off for any map

set scr_breakout_fxenable 1
set scr_brecourt_fxenable 1
set scr_burgundy_fxenable 1
set scr_carentan_fxenable 1
set scr_dawnville_fxenable 1
set scr_decoy_fxenable 1
set scr_downtown_fxenable 1
set scr_farmhouse_fxenable 1
set scr_leningrad_fxenable 1
set scr_matmata_fxenable 1
set scr_railyard_fxenable 1
set scr_toujane_fxenable 1
set scr_trainstation_fxenable 1
set scr_rhine_fxenable 1
set scr_harbor_fxenable 1

// The next cvars allow you to choose which types effects should be allowed across all maps
// If the map has effects all turned off, above, these cvars are ignored
// Default is set to 1 (on) (0 = Don't see the effect / 1 = Do see the effect)

// buildingfire relates to the fire billowing from buildings
// eg in Railyard on the tower block

set scr_buildingfire 1

// thinsmoke relates to the thin, black plumes of smoke in various maps
// These don't seem to be linked with the smoke from tanks/cars
// eg the smoke coming from the house, allied spawn in carentan

set scr_thinsmoke 1

// smokebanks are the billowing banks of grey smoke seen in most american maps
// eg seen coming from craters and around maps like caen

set scr_smokebank 1

// tankfire is all fires coming from tanks, halftracks and cars

set scr_tankfire 1

// smokeplumes are only in Toujane, they are off the map showing on the horizon

set scr_smokeplume 1

// dustwind is billowing dust, sometimes thick and sometimes not
// eg in Matmata everywhere! Also seen in other maps to lesser degrees

set scr_dustwind 1

// lightsnow DX9 only - The snow seen in russian maps

set scr_lightsnow 1

// windysnow is the hazy fog-like effect seen in most russian maps

set scr_windysnow 1

// fogbank is largely static fog that hangs around most american maps
// eg brecourt and burgundy

set scr_fogbank 1

// insects relates to the flies around the dead cows in brecourt
// These have hardly any impact on performance or visuals

set scr_insects 1

// ===== End of NOFX mod code =====


Remove the zzz_nofxmod_v1_2.iwd from your MAIN or your fs_game folder on your server.

Credit & Disclaimer

All credit goes to Ydiss the original creator of the No-FX mod. (Brilliant piece of work)
I have just altered the code to add in the 2 new stock maps which came with the 1.2 patch. (Rhine & Harbor)
I've tested it the best I can & to the best of my knowledge it works fine on the new maps.
It is freely distributable & can be used by whoever so wishes. If you alter the code for whatever reason then please
credit Ydiss the originaly creator of the mod in all documentation & include what alteration you have made.

Any problems then please contact me via email - Admin AT nec-clan DOT co DOT uk

-=(NEC)=- Hysteria
Admin & Clan Leader - No Ego Clan

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