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Here's a nice simple mod by DeekCiti that cleans up the interface a little in CoD2's Deathmatch mode. :) All it does is remove the icon above players' heads when the players shout voice commands in the game. The ReadMe seems a tad unclear to me, but I think really both the server and the client will need the mod installed for it to work properly. That said, if this sounds like something you've been wanting, download DeekCiti's No Speaker Icon mod now! ;)




Creation Date:  December 4, 2006
File Name:  zzz_No_Speaker_Icon.iwd
Creator:  DeekCiti

INSTALLATION:  Place ( zzz_No_Speaker_Icon.iwd ) into your COD2/Main folder.

UNINSTALLATION:  Remove ( zzz_No_Speaker_Icon.iwd ) from your COD2/Main folder.

ABOUT MOD:  This file was created for servers.  It removes the annoying SPEAKER that shows up above someone's head when they speak a Command or Taunt.  EX:  (Yes Sir).

SERVERS:  Just add this file to one of your other .iwd's to save space.  ( Using Pakscape or Winrar/Winzip )

I don't understand why the developers made it so the enemy could see the speaker above the head of the person saying the command.  I'm not sure if it does it on TEAM DEATHMATCH, or any other Gametypes, but it does do it on DEATHMATCH.  I found it really annoying when it happened on my server so I made this mod.  It's simple and took about 30 seconds to make, so I hope it is put to some use.

If you download this mod, and you try to join a pure server, it won't work, the server needs this file as well, so it's not made for clients, it's made for servers.

Message me if you have problems.

By the way guys, there have been some really nice maps and skins coming out, keep up the good work.  I guess we can look forward to Call of Duty 4 next year, since they aren't going to release Call of Duty 3 for the PC.  Bummer... I know someone who works for Activision and they are going to get me more information on Call of Duty 3, so lets keep our fingers crossed.  There is also a possibility that another team may release it for the PC...

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