NoBS Tower

This map is dedicated to the NoBS clan and is intended to be played as a bash only map. The map supports DM and TDM and provided good game p...


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This map is dedicated to the NoBS clan and is intended to be played as a bash only map. The map supports DM and TDM and provided good game play for up to 32 players. My goal was to make a very fun map that keeps players wanting more. Thanks for downloading and enjoy.

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This map is released as Freeware.
As freeware you are permitted to distribute this
archive subject to the following conditions,
- The archive must be distributed without modification to the
contents of the archive. Redistributing this archive with any files
added, removed or modified is prohibited.
- The inclusion of any individual file from this archive in another
archive without the prior permission of the author is prohibited.
- No charge may be made for this archive other than that to cover the
cost of its distribution. If a fee is charged it must be made clear
to the purchaser that the archive is freeware and that the fee is to
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- The authors' rights and wishes concerning this archive must be
Copyright 2008
All Rights Reserved

Map Title : NoBS Tower (Bash Map)
Map Version : 2
Author : The Army
E-mail :
Xfire: JGreen827


Game : Call of Duty 2

Supported Gametype : Multiplayer
: Deathmatch
: Team Deathmatch

Map Size: 12-32: Bash Map


Contents of this Package: mp_nobstower.iwd, 6 screenshots, read-me file


Installation Instructions:

Extract files and copy .iwd file into your call of duty
2 main directory usually located here:
C:/programfiles/activision/callofduty2/main. Run the
multiplayer game and the map will be in the maps list.


Construction Time : 4 Months

Custom Content : Textures, Sound files

Known Bugs : none


Special Thanks :

Everyone at for helping me test the map.
NoBS|ShadowGunner and NoBS|MXT for providing me with custom testures 
and sound files to help make this map as much fun as possible.
Everyone at for there dedicated help.  As always much appreciated.


Additional Notes :

This is my second map for Call of Duty 2 and it was a very interesting 
experience creating it.  My goal was to make a bash map that provided 
very enticing gameplay and that kep players wanting more.  I had to 
stop a big project that I have been working on in order to build this 
map, but now that I am done I will get right back on that.  It's 
possible that I won't finish it, but if I ever do I think it will be 
one of the most impressive maps out there.  I appreciate any comments 
either good or bad so please feel free to contect me in anyway.  
Thanks for downloading NoBS Tower and enjoy. 


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