Notsafeforwork's MP44 Skin



Here's another great skin and sound combo pack by Notsafeforwork, this time for the MP44. The sound in this one is loud and powerful, just in the style of the gun, while the skin has been sharpened and darkened and seems to have a shiny look to it. In short, this goes great with his recently released MP40 mod, so why not get both of them for your CoD2 game? Check out the screenshot of this baby below, and download it now! ;)



This is a new skin for the German Assault rifle, The MP44 (well, STG44).

This was a request by  cricket13, so this is for him! Anyone want me to release anything separately? Let me Know!

To Install this skin, place in the
"c:/-program files- Activision -Call of duty 2- main" folder.

I created The Skin For this sub-machinegun, but the sounds are not mine.

Any Problems, e-mail me at... [email protected]

If you wish to use this skin in a mod of yours also e-mail me.


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