notsafeforwork's Very Realistic Skin Pack



Ok, so this is the first file I've posted in like, a year, but I was quite surprised when I saw this one.

This skin pack is truly amazing. It has new skins for:

- The Colt .45 - The Luger - The Lee-Enfield no. 4 - The M1 Garand - And the M1A1 Thompson

The skins are incredibly well done and very accurately done. But, not only does this skin pack change the skins of those weapons, it also changes the sounds of the weapons into those of the real guns. However, the weather was a bit windy on the day of the recordings, so don't expect high-quality sound. I haven't listened to the sounds myself yet, but I'll leave that up to the community. Enjoy this beautiful skin pack.




This is one of my better peices methinks.

For the last month or so this pack has been under construction and I've spent quite a long time on these skins.
Histman83 has sent me pictures of guns that he has. He sent lee enfield pics, colt pics, luger pics and garand 
pics. He was also nice enough to record the sounds of the gunshots!

This mod uses 100% authentic gunshots. Every gunshot you here is real, recorded (on a windy day mind, so the qu-
ality of these sounds are NOT very good. Do not expect amazing quality sound, but it is what they sound like, not
movied up or blanc guns or anything else, these are real. You might be dissapointed, but it's how they sound.

I've made a new garand, enfield, colt, thompson and luger, all of them realistic.

If you want to get in contact with me, e-mail me at

[email protected]

leave feedback at Filefront, I'll check there. But please leave constructive critisism, no downright slag offs.

Thanks for downloading this realistic mod, and please enjoy it!

(If you wish to use these sounds in a mod, e-mail me. If you wish to use any of my skins, go ahead. Use them. But give me credit
in the readme.)

Thank you!

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