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Tired of seeing the same names and ranks over and over? Well how does an additional 525 American, 540 British, and 234 Russian bundle of names sound to you? There are also new ranks for the Allies as well. If you feel like you need some variation from the same old names, then you should really try this mod out.




Readme file:

Call of duty 2 - ai names and rank mod

Thanks for downloading.

General Information

NOTE:FILE CONTAINS 3 DIFFERENT FILES, refer to installation for details.

Created by pvtherman.

I created this because i got bored of seeing the same guy when i saw him die 5 minutes ago or in the previous mission. Just to add a little more variety to the game.
Was originally going to put this in a mod, but didn't. Didn't want the names to go to waste, so i'm releasing them on their own. There may be repeat names, hey i lose track after the 300th some odd name.

Description:This mod adds more ai names to the game and a few new ranks. In this mod, 
There are 

-525 new american names
-540 new british names
-143 new russian male first names
-20 new russian female first names
-44 new russian male last names
-27 new russian female last names

A few new ranks.

Americans: Pfc. (Private first class)

British: L/Cpl. (Lance Corporal)

Russians: Jr.Sgt. (Junior Sergeant)
	  Jr.Lt.  (Junior Lieutenant) - Friendly russian ai will address them as sgt. and Lt. respectivly.
Russians: Russian sgt. and Lt. will also be wearing officer caps. Heads wont fit very well sometimes though. (can't fix that, caps were only meant to be worn by original owners.)



There are 3 specifically created files.

-There is a normal version

-There is a version that was specifically created for the Lt.Speirs' Realism Mod(v4) mod users

-And one created for Wcp reality (v2.8 and patch) mod users (for those people that actually turn on that option of having allied names visible)

Extract only one of the files to your main
(default should be C:Program Files/activision/call of duty 2/main)

-If your one of the people that use one of the above said mods, use the file in the folder marked with your mod. (folder and files will be marked with wcp, speirs, and normal version)
-if you don't use one of the above said mods, just use the normal version. 


Remove "zzz_ai_names.iwd" (or whichever one you installed) from your Call of Duty 2 "main" folder.

Notes from Author

-I've already beta tested the ones that were created to work with mods, but email me if you run into any errors (refer to readme in folder)

-Special note for speirs, mod users, refer to readme for details. 

Legal Information

If this file causes any harm to any one or their computer I will not be liable. 
If you want to use content from this mod, you're are free to do so, just place my name in your credits ;)

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